Mumbai: Actor and model Kate Sharma, who had filed a molestation complaint against Bollywood filmmaker Subhash Ghai at the Versova police station on October 12, has asked the police for a month’s extension to record her statement. Sharma, who had alleged the filmmaker asked her to give him a massage following which he also tried to kiss her.

Police said since the alleged incident took place in the jurisdiction of DN Nagar police station, the case was transferred there. However, on October 25, when police approached her to record a statement supporting her allegations, Sharma requested a month’s extension, raising many eyebrows.

Sharma , who was hoping to get launched in Ghai’s next film, said in her complaint letter submitted at Versova police station that Ghai allegedly molested her in a party held on August 6 by asking her to give him a massage. She mentioned in her letter, “It was shocking for me but I respected his seniority and agreed.

I massaged him for two to three minutes and then went to the washroom to wash my hands. He followed me there. He then took me to his room saying that he wanted to talk to me about something. He grabbed me and tried to kiss and hug me.”

A police source from DN Nagar police station said since the complainant is being evasive about recording a statement, no further action can be taken. Police will also need to cross-check the allegations leveled by the victim and take cognisance accordingly. No conclusions can be drawn on the said allegations placed at this time.

Ghai was also accused of raping another woman, whose identity was not revealed by the Twitter user in the #MeToo row. Reacting on the allegations made against Ghai, he had tweeted on October 13 which said,”I am a great supporter of the Me Too movement and women empowerment but hope that those taking undue advantage of the movement do not end up diluting it for their own short time fame. I feel grief if someone is trying to harm my reputation. Anyway, my lawyers will take care of the matter.”