Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh Bachchan
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Life in Covid quarantine is no Jalsa and Amitabh Bachchan is dealing with it as best as he can - singing, tweeting, waxing philosophical, sentimental and spiritual, by degrees. But anonymous trolls seem to have shattered the studied restraint with which Bachchan has chosen to conduct his life thus far and turned him into an angry senior, going by the irate missive he has penned to them from the Covid ward of a city hospital.

Not only has he summoned up some good old dialogue on paternity issues, he has warned them of the wrath of his hordes of admirers that could be unleashed with his merely uttering, 'Thok do saalon ko.' Clearly, outsourcing is in, a far cry from those fiery 'bhoonke rakh doonga' days.

"They write to tell me... 'I hope you die with this Covid". "Hey Mr Anonymous... you do not even write your Father's name,... because you do not know who Fathered you... there are only two things that can happen... either I shall die or either I shall live. If I die you won't get to write your diatribe anymore, by weathering your remark on a celebrity name... pity," he wrote.

"The reason for your writing to be noticed was, because you took a swipe at Amitabh Bachchan... that shall no longer exist... !! If by God's grace I live and survive you shall have to be 'weathering' the 'swipe' storm, not just from me, but on a very conservative level, from 90+ million followers," he thundered.

"I have yet to tell them to... but if I survive I shall... and let me tell you they are a force incensed... they traverse the entire World... from the West to the East from the North to the South ... and they are not just the Ef of this page... that extended family shall in the flash of an eye become 'extermination family'!! All I shall say to them is... 'thok do saalon ko'."

After his granddaughter Aaradhya and daughter-in-law Aishwarya Rai Bachchan tested negative for coronavirus and were discharged from hospital, Big B had penned an emotional letter on his blog. "They go home, the little one and Bahurani .. and the tears flow out .. the little one embraces and tells me not to cry ..'you'll be home soon' she assures .. I must believe her." he had written on Monday night.

As the day passed by, he sat and contemplated "on that which brings vexation... in averse sleep hours the writing thoughts run through the mind and brain... tomorrow or as soon as it is day break shall I bring it all to book .. scathing, defiant, angered, indignation profound..."

Earlier in the day, he had observed: "Dushman banane ke liye zaroori nahi lada jaaye, aap thode kaamyaab ho jaao to wo khairaat mein milenge (In order to make enemies it is not essential to fight .. just be a little successful, you'll get them at a pittance ..)", he explained. Preceded by the carpe diem sentiment which we could all use: "Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional."

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