Maharashtra government makes it easier for kids, now only fathers proof for caste certificate will suffice

Mumbai: Now, getting caste validity certificates for children and blood relations, belonging to scheduled castes (SCs), vimukta jatis and nomadic tribes (VJNTs) and other backward classes (OBCs) has been made easier. In a major decision approved by the state cabinet on Tuesday, the government has decided to do away with the condition of children and person of blood relations having to submit afresh documents proving their castes.

Henceforth, children and blood relations will now be required to only submit the caste validity certificate of their fathers to obtain a caste validity certificate for themselves. Rajkumar Badole, minister for social justice, stated that until now the children and blood relations had to undergo the cumbersome procedure of once again submitting documentary evidences.

He further announced that the government would soon implement the Digital Locker concept. “It will further ease and speed up the process wherein children and persons of blood relations can avail of the caste validity certificate of their fathers can obtain their own caste validity certificate,” said the minister.

Badole said, “A software project for scanning and digitisation of the caste validity certificates will be launched soon. The state cabinet approved the proposal to amend rule 4 and rule 6 of the Caste Validity Rules, 2012 for implementing the Digital Locker concept.”

Badole said that earlier as per the 2012 Rules, the SC applicant had to submit documentary proof of domicile before 1950, VJNTs had to submit domicile proofs before 1961 and OBCs before 1967. He said, “Despite the father having his own caste validity certificate it was mandatory for his children had to submit all the documentary proof all over again. This was creating lot of hurdles for the people.”

He added that after the applicant submits documentary proof of his father’s caste validity certificate to the District Caste Certificate Validation Committee, the same would be uploaded on the website of  BARTI and on the notice board of the concerned offices for inviting claims and objections if any within 15 days. The applicant thereafter will get his caste validity certificate after a month’s time.

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