Jhanvi Kukreja murder case: Main accused files second bail application; says 'chargsheet itself shows he was not at spot during murder'
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Shree Jogdhankar, 22, the main accused in the New Year Eve murder case of 19-year-old Jhanvi Kukreja has filed a second bail application before the sessions court and said that the chargesheet filed by the Khar police itself shows that he was not at the spot of crime at the time of the incident and that he was at Sion hospital.

His plea pointed out that as per the police’s panchnama of the CCTV footage of Bhagwati Heights, Khar where the incident took place, the applicant was seen going out of the building at 2.16 pm. In Sion hospital, the CCTV footage shows, he was there between 2 am and 2.51 am. It contended how one person can be at two places at the same time and said the CCTV footage of the hospital is clear proof he was there at 2 am and that the building CCTV has been tampered with.

The plea filed through advocate Mahesh Vaswani said the Khar police has cooked-up a story and is trying to shield the real culprit and that he appears to be the fall guy.

Jogdhankar further said he was himself brutally assaulted by some persons at the New Year’s party while he was sitting at the steps exiting the terrace of the building where the party was held. He was under the influence of alcohol and he could not remember who all assaulted him and that out of severe pain and fear he had left the spot to save his life. There is a strong possibility, he said, that there was a third person or persons who may be assailants of the deceased and there is a strong possibility he got injured while trying to save her.

Jogdhankar has suffered head injuries, rib fractures and spinal cord dislocation, his plea has stated and said that the police have not probed the role of the party organizer and the guests in assaulting him.

It said, at worst, the case could be one of rash and negligent act towards the deceased or one that happened at a spur of the moment and not one of murder. He was a close friend of hers and said he had no motive or provocation to murder her as the police has alleged.

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