Mumbai: The BEST has become the easiest source of pumping in fake currency in the system. ICICI bank has identified fake currency amounting to Rs 3,36,800 in the monthly deposits of BEST in the year 2012.
The amount collected each day from the sale of tickets and passes is deposited in the bank from each depot. Fake currency amounting to Rs. 1,70,900 was identified by ICICI bank in the year 2012 from the sale of the tickets. Moreover fake currency amounting to 1,65,900 was identified from the sale of passes.
In the committee meeting held on Tuesday, Committee member Sunil Ghanacharya said, “The conductors take the currency in good faith and we end up with fake currencies. The transaction happen on such a massive scale that it is impossible to identify the actual source of these currencies.” The bank repaid Rs 1,03,100 however the BEST undertaking had to incur loss of Rs. 62, 700. Chairman of BEST Nana Amboli said, “We will request the passengers to give change and not currency notes of Rs 500 or 1000.” The BEST had to nullify over Rs 2 lakh due to counterfeit currency.
Committee member Kedar Hombelkar said, “Looking at the statistics there are several Rs 1000 notes from the sale of tickets. I fail to understand why a person has to give that much amount to purchase a ticket.” —Staff Reporter

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