Mumbai :  A research paper by three IIT-Powai professors has been selected as the `paper of the week’ in the prestigious Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC).

‘Structural Change in Protein Hormones’ authored by Profs Samir Maji, Ashutosh Kumar and Ranjith Padinhateeri, from the Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering will be published in the July edition of the internationally renowned journal.

IIT-Powai research paper gets global recognition!

The editorial board of JBC has put the paper among the top two per cent of manuscripts they will review this year, said a press release issued by IIT-Powai.

Hormones regulate most of the major processes that are crucial for the healthy functioning of a living organism.

Many of these hormones; insulin, glucagon and growth hormone are protein molecules that are synthesised by the cells of the body and stored within cellular compartments known  as ‘secretory granules’ which release the hormone when required by the body.

Any errors in synthesis or release of these hormones could thus be extremely dangerous to the organism. More importantly, the structure or shape of a protein could be crucial for its efficient storage and secretion.

The paper focuses on the role played by the structure of a peptide (small protein) hormone, Somatostatin, in controlling its aggregate/ amyloid formation and subsequent release of the hormone.

It is an important peptide hormone involved commonly known for excessive secretion of the growth hormone, thus regulating human growth.

“We used a host of experimental biophysics and computer simulations to understand the role of somatostatin structure relevant to its storage and secretion, said Prof Ashutosh Kumar.

Published by the American Society for Biochemistry and  Molecular Biology, JBC is a weekly published since 1905.

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