Holy cow! This bovine has carnivorous tastes

Buldana: Cows, we are taught in biology class, are herbivores and eat grass most of the time. But since there must be an exception to every rule, there is this one cow in a Buldana village, whose dietary preferences are to the contrary. There is a video doing the rounds of social media, of this cow, which chases after chickens to ward off its hunger. This cow belongs to a farmer, Baras Lonagre, in Takarkhed village of Nandura taluka in Buldana and she has taken a fancy to chicken. Villagers have observed that whenever she gets an opportunity, she kills a chicken to satiate her hunger.

A similar story was reported from West Bengal twelve years ago. When several chickens went missing from Chandpur village, everyone blamed the dogs in the neighbourhood. But the owner of the missing chickens eventually solved the puzzle when he caught his calf gobbling up several of them at night. To investigate the disappearance of 48 chickens in a month, the owner and his family decided to keep vigil at the cow shed one night. The cow shed also doubled as a hen house. To their horror, they found their calf sneak in and grab the chickens and devour them.

Free Press Journal