DJ Roshan Mansukhani 
at his residence with the DJ console
DJ Roshan Mansukhani at his residence with the DJ console

Roshan Mansukhani, A Mumbai-Baed Disc Jockey, Can De-Addict People From Mephedrone Through His Music

Mumbai : The Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC) of Mumbai police recently added reinforcements to its fight against drugs and drug addiction in the form of a Mumbai-based Disc Jockey (DJ), Roshan Mansukhani who can de-addict people from Mephedrone through his music.

It was recently revealed that Mansukhani is going to give lectures under ANC’s drive, Drug-Free Campus in various city colleges. An event manager by profession, Mansukhani who always had a penchant for music started teaching people how to play a DJ console eight months ago at his ‘Roshan’s Academy of DJs’. A few months ago, it so happened that Mansukhani came across two young boys, aged 14, and 16. Both wanted to learn music, and both were known to be addicted to Mephedrone, also known as MD and Meow Meow.

Mansukhani helped them get de-addicted by giving them the power to make 100 people dance on their fingertips. “I make my students love music by convincing them of the fact that they are inherently skilled and creative. And that music can help them acquire that skill and explore that creativity. Instead of getting addicted to a drug, they can easily cultivate a hobby,” he said.

Soon after news broke out about his work, Mansukhani was approached through Facebook and WhatsApp by two couples whose teenaged sons were addicted to MD. On Thursday, Mansukhani met a Mumbai-based couple and their son. The couple had taken their 16-year-old son to psychiatrists, counsellors, and doctors to get him de-addicted, however he couldn’t adapt successfully to any of the treatments.

“In our very first meeting, the boy who hadn’t spoken to anyone in weeks, laughed as he talked to me. He came for two back-to-back sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Usually first-timers are jittery while handling the DJ console. However, there was no nervousness in the boy’s behaviour. He is handling it very well,” Mansukhani said.

The second family who approached Mansukhani through WhatsApp will be meeting him in the next few days.

“The consumption of drugs releases a hormone called dopamine which makes a person euphoric and gives him a rose-tinted view of the world. The idea, that making 100 people dance on your fingertips can release this hormone, thereby eliminating the need for drugs is something innovative and I love it. Though far-fetched, if it works, it can do wonders,” said senior police inspector, Suhas Gokhale, of Azad Maidan unit of the ANC.

Mansukhani too is all geared up to collaborate with the ANC, and is even eager to help more MD addicts through his music. “It’s all about making people dance on your fingertips,” he said with a smile.

Sindhu J Mansukhani

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