'Even I might want to become CM...': Sharad Pawar on Jayant Patil's desire hold the post
'Even I might want to become CM...': Sharad Pawar on Jayant Patil's desire hold the post
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There appears to be yet another debate brewing about who exactly deserves to hold the post of Maharashtra Chief Minister. State Minister Jayant Patil insisted recently that it was natural for anyone (including him) to feel the desire to lead the state after spending a long time in politics.

Meanwhile, the NCP chief Sharad Pawar has reacted to the remark made by Patil. As per the report by ABP Maza, when asked about the comment made by Patil, Pawar said, "Jayant Patil expressed his desire to become the Chief Minister. But did he become one? Tomorrow, even I might want to be the Chief Minister; will anybody appoint me as one?"

"If Jayant Patil wants to be the Chief Minister, then I wish good luck to him," he added.

Patil, who is also the Maharashtra NCP chief, was asked whether he wishes to become a chief minister.

In his reply, Patil had said, "I must be wishing to (be a Chief Minister), right? Each politician wants to be a Chief Minister. But the decision which the party and Sharad Pawar saheb take is final for us.

All want to be Chief Minister. Everyone who has worked (in politics) as long as I have (must be wanting to be Chief Minister). My voters too must be wanting me to be a Chief Minister."

"So, I desire to be a chief minister, but the situation and the number (of MLAs) are factors. We have 54 MLAs. I don't think it is possible to become Chief Minister with 54 MLAs," he added.

Patil said that the NCP will have to grow further and have a greater number of MLAs for it to get the chief ministers post.

"If the number grows, the party becomes larger, then what Sharad Pawar saheb decides will happen," he said.

When asked about Patil's comments, Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar told reporters on Thursday, "I support whatever wish he has expressed."

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