Mumbai : City-based nephrologists are expressing their worries over the rising cases of end-stage renal diseases (ESRD) which is the last stage of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). With the increasing patients on dialysis and CKD, the doctors state that half of the patients do not get the necessary treatment at the right time which leads them to the end-stage.  Doctors ask whether our country has the necessary resources and skill to tackle the rising cases of kidney-failure diseases.

Dr MM Bahadur, nephrologist at Wockhradt Hospital in Mumbai Central, said, “With only 300-400 dialysis centres available in India and with 1500 nephrologists in metro cities who treat kidney patients, more than 60% of the patients do not receive medical attention on time. Due to lack of awareness in the society, patients in need of donors are left waiting in vain. Only 4% of the patients get donors. It is therefore imperative to make a conscious effort to bring about awareness among people.”

A May 2015 study by P P Varma revealed that currently there are 75,000 patients on dialysis in the country and 150-230 per million populations (pmp) are estimated to have ESRD. Doctors further highlight that diabetes and hypertension have become one of the causes for kidney diseases.

Another 2013-based study revealed that in India, diabetes and hypertension today account for 40–60% cases of CKD. Further as per, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) data in 2014, prevalence of diabetes in Indian adult population has risen to 7.1%, (varying from 5.8% in Jharkhand to 13.5% in Chandigarh) and in urban population (over the age of 40 years) the prevalence is as high as 28%. Likewise the reported prevalence of hypertension in the adult population today is 17% (14.8% from rural and 21.4% from urban belt).

Dr Pradeep Ghadge, consultant diabetologist at Seven Hills Hospital, said, “Diabetes is considered as the most common causes for kidney failures and it is estimated that over 1 million patients worldwide are alive on dialysis. At this stage, eating healthy food, timely medications and regular check-ups with the doctors is crucial.”

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