Mumbai : The Goregoan police on Monday added charges of murder against a 60-year-old man after his 29-year-old domestic help committed suicide by setting herself ablaze at his residence in Goregaon following allegations of sexual harassment against him on Saturday.

The police had initially arrested Chandrashekar Tambat under section 306 (Abetment to suicide) of the Indian Penal Code. They have now charged Tambat under sections 302 (Punishment for murder) and 370 (Buying or disposing of any person as a slave) of the Indian Penal Code.

The domestic help had committed suicide by setting herself ablaze at Tambat’s residence. Tambat and his wife were present in the house when she set herself ablaze.

Police sources said that circumstantial evidences revealed that it was not suicide. “Medical reports revealed that she was set ablaze by someone else. There is a difference when a person sets himself or herself on fire and when he or she is set on fire by someone else which can only be determined by medical reports,” said Uttam Khairmode, assistant commissioner of police of Goregaon division.

Sources also revealed that when the domestic help set herself ablaze, Tambat let her burn and approached the police instead of dousing the fire which is also one of the reasons why Tambat was charged with murder. She succumbed to 100% burn injuries.