Cybercrime in Mumbai: Senior citizen robbed of his life savings and deposits

A 73-year-old senior citizen from Kandivali lost all of his bank balance and fixed deposits when a cyber fraudster posing as a bank official lured him into a trap and cheated him for Rs 9.72 lakh. The incident was reported to the cops at the Charkop Police Station and an offence of online cheating was registered against an unknown accused.

According to the police, the victim is a resident of Charkop and used to work in Oman. He returned to India after he retired in 1999 and since then he is staying in Mumbai. The victim has an account in a bank located in Kandivali in which he had kept his life savings while his two daughters send him money monthly.

Recently, the victim received a call from a person who introduced himself as a representative of the bank in which he has an account. Since the person told him the exact number of his account, the senior citizen believed him to be genuine. The person then told him that there was a technical problem with his account and asked for photographs of his PAN card, passbook and ATM card.

Unaware of the fraud, the senior citizen sent him everything on his WhatsApp. The next day the same person again called him and asked for the OTP number received on his mobile phone, the senior citizen shared that as well.

A few days later, when he tried to withdraw money from the ATM centre, the transaction failed due to lack of funds. Shocked with the message, the victim approached the bank and realised that Rs 59,000 in his current account has been withdrawn by an unknown person. He immediately blocked his card. However, it was too late already.

When he checked with his fix deposits, his biggest fears came true. The bank manager told him that Rs 9.13 lakh that was kept in various fix deposits have been removed by opening overdraft accounts. Bank officials advised him to registered an offence with the police after which he approached Charkop police and registered his complaint.

Free Press Journal