Commuters asked to follow 
Covid precautions
Commuters asked to follow Covid precautions

Nearly two months after the Maharashtra government has eased strict restrictions which were imposed owing to a massive spike in COVID-19 cases in the state. However, the protocols need to be followed completely even if the cases have declined considerably as the virus has not been eradicated completely. There are still ten thousand cases reported on a daily basis.

Public transport amenities like buses and taxis have been allowed, making it possible for a lot of people to resume travelling to work and even to stranded relatives or loved ones within and outside of their cities or areas.

As the lockdown gets lifted gradually a resposibility as citizens, not to let the covid spread again, increases manifold.

In a bid to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus here's what needs to be followed post lockdown:

What we must strictly follow

1. Wear mask (Ideally N95) covering nose & mouth properly at all the time when we are outside our houses & in closed spaces with other persons around (e.g. offices, shops, malls, halls, theatres, cars, buses, trains etc.) Use mask especially when you are talking with others.

2. Please note - cost of N95 mask has reduced to below ₹50/- Mask need not be discarded after single use. You can use 7 masks, daily one for a week. Number seven paper bags for seven days of a week & keep the mask after use in it. Such masks can be reused for few weeks.

3. After wearing the mask do not touch it as much as possible. Also avoid touching your face. If you have to touch your face, wash / sanitize your hands before that.

4. Do not arrange & attend functions (e.g. marriages, birthday parties etc.) where a group of people come together & eat. Do such functions online.

5. Do not eat or drink together in offices. Start your day with a full meal & avoid eating outside your house.

6. Do not visit anyone's place or invite people at your place.

7. Do not go to restaurants & eat. Instead take parcels or order food home.

8. Do not go for trips & outings where you need to stay in hotels & eat in presence of other persons

9. Take vaccine doses as soon as possible

10. Isolate oneself immediately (at least for one week) in case of symptoms (cough, cold, sore throat, body pain, nausea, loose motions, fever, loss of smell or taste). Get treated asap through teleconsultation.

11. Stop, not so useful behaviours like steaming, washing of newly bought items, repeated baths etc.

12. Reduce weight if you are overweight

13. Exercise regularly

14. Do Yog, Pranayam & meditation

15. Enjoy your work & have hobbies

16. Sleep for 7 to 9 hours

17. Be happy, satisfied & realistic

To be noted, all these precautions should continue even after getting fully vaccinated and till the time there is even single covid patient.

The above precautions have been advised by Dr. Pushkar A. Shikarkhane an MD, DNB (Med) Consulting Physician.

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