Updated on: Sunday, June 28, 2020, 10:32 PM IST

Coronavirus in Mumbai: Can't let your guard down, doctors warn

Cases are currently under control in Mumbai but a second wave is likely, experts caution
         BL Soni

BL Soni


Mumbai: Last week, on two consecutive days, the state logged two days of 5,000+ new corona cases. Given this surge, doctors are strongly urging citizens to take utmost care and adhere to the suggested protocols to avoid contracting the infection. It is learnt that many citizens are not wearing masks or following social distancing, claiming there is nothing to worry about. Health experts are cautioning, just because cases are currently under control in Mumbai does not mean that the SARS-COv-2 virus is losing its grip. A second wave is yet to come, they warn.

For the last 21 days in Mumbai, the number of Covid-19 cases has hovered between 1,000 to 1,400, daily, which civic officials see as an indication of a plateau having been reached. They feel there is a chance that by June-end, the number of daily cases may drop by more than 200.

Currently, Mumbai accounts for 46.66 per cent of overall cases reported across the state. However, there has been a steady drop in the daily rise in cases in the city, as compared to the overall state figures in the past four weeks. Mumbai accounted for 62.29 per cent of the state’s new cases on May 14, followed by 56.47 per cent on May 28, 49.06 per cent on June 4, 30.89 per cent on June 20 and 26.36 per cent on June 27.

Since some lockdown relaxations came into effect, Mumbaikars have assumed that the virus is now under control. resulting in several people avoiding wearing masks or following social distancing. But such 'daredevilry' is laden with risk of infection. “What we are all doing is for the benefit of the citizens, as now cases are controlled but we cannot say when there will be a second wave. If it happens, then it will be difficult to control cases and then we will need to again enforce a lockdown,” said an official.

Additional Municipal Commissioner Suresh Kakani said they had received several complaints and photographs of citizens roaming about without wearing masks. “It is absolutely necessary that we all follow the norms of personal safety and social distancing. However, many people in the city have been found violating these norms, thereby endangering their own health, as well as that of others in their vicinity,” he said.

Dr Sumir Dembla, a doctor in the city said everyday there is an information update on corona. However, people are advised to only rely on information from reliable sources. The forwarding of false information and videos on WhatsApp is also causing confusion. “We urge citizens to follow for any information related to corona, as misleading WhatsApp messages can affect their health and lead to other health issues,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mumbai Police have appealed to the citizens that despite many activities having been permitted under the 'Mission Begin Again' guidelines issued by the state government making the movement of people easier, the threat of Covid-19 still looms over the city.

“It is our sincere appeal that all citizens behave responsibly and avoid unnecessary movement. The onus of defeating Covid-19 lies on all of us and we can achieve this only when we follow personal safety and social distancing guidelines at all times,” said a police officer.

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