One thing which never stops trending is trolling on Twitter. Whether is an entertainment gossip, sport event or election result, the Twitter is always ready to troll people on social media. The humiliating defeat of Congress in Lok Sabha Elections 2019 was something which Twitterati did not miss to talk about. But one tweet stood far out, as word ‘Churchgate’ was used to signify the extent of defeat for Congress.

BJP leader and Surat MLA Harsh Sanghavi took a dig at Congress saying, while travelling towards North from Churchgate station of Mumbai, one would only find a Congress MP after reaching Punjab. “If you catch a train at Churchgate station and travel towards North… The first Congress MP you will find is in Punjab”, Sanghavi tweeted.

The tweet intended to signify the whitewash which Congress suffered in Lok Sabha Elections 2019 in Mumbai and Gujarat, where it lost all the 6 and 26 seats respectively. The imagination of the BJP leader impressed Twitterati, who came with various responses on the same. The tweet made some people laugh, while some others also mentioned of some other places, where no one would find a Congress MP while travelling from Mumbai. Have a look at some of such tweets.

On the other hand, some also trolled the BJP leader back mentioning that there are no direct trains from Churchgate to Punjab, and one would have to reach CSMT railway station of Mumbai to take a train to Punjab. Check some of the tweets.

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