World For All’s ‘Adoptathon 2018,’ Asia’s largest (and cutest) adoption camp, is back on December 1 and 2 at St Theresa’s Boys High School, Bandra West.

Adoptathon is a ‘One Stop Adopt’ event, where adoption coordinators, veterinary doctors, animal behaviourists, animal food vendors, animal accessories vendors, pet boarding kennels are available under one roof.

It’s a positive, awareness gala celebration of the Indian breed (cats and dogs only) which is looked down upon. It is a single platform for animal lovers from all walks of life to adopt a loving pet for their families. For eg: Sohail Khan has adopted last year and so has the local chaiwala.

Bring your pet home

Speaking on how Adopathon came to life, founder of World For All, Taronish Bulsara says, “World For All being an animal welfare organization, one of our main focus is adoption. We were getting adoptions through word of mouth and social media but a common platform with concept of ‘One Stop Adopt’ was missing. There is no showcase or platform for adoption of Indian breed animals, they make lovely pets, are highly intelligent and so well suited to our climate.”

He adds, “We have been instrumental in changing people’s mindsets and are happy to see so many Indian cats and dogs with their loving permanent families, and not having to live on harsh, cruel streets. Hence we thought this would be a good initiative to have many animals adopted since there are so many animals in need of loving homes.” The biggest compliment for Taronesh is that people are very happy when they attend Adoptathon as it’s a feel good event, everyone goes home happy. The first Adoptathon was put together in 2012 and it was a smashing success.

Bring your pet home

The organisers did now expect such an overwhelming response and since then, Adoptathon has grown year after year. This is also due to the efforts of sponsors, adopters, volunteers and the community in general.

What is the Goal of Adoptathon 2018?

The goal is that all the puppies and kitten find loving, permanent, responsible and caring homes and that all walk-ins take back love for our very own Indian breed whether or not they are able to adopt.