Fake butter-making racket busted

Mumbai : The Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI) announced here on Monday that sample tests conducted recently showed that 64 per cent of loose edible oil sold in the market is adulterated. “To test the quality of loose edible oil, we collected a total of 291 samples in 100 gm/ml quantity from various shops sold to consumers in plastic pouches and containers across the city. It revealed that 64 per cent of the oil sold loose in the market is adulterated,” CGSI chairman Sitaram Dixit said.

He said that samples of loose edible oil were sent to a designated laboratory to test for poisonous and harmful adulterants by the CGSI. “All edible oil samples were checked for its iodine value and refractive index to confirm if the oil is genuine or adulterated,” he said. Dixit said that more than 64 per cent of loose edible oil like sesame oil, coconut oil, groundnut oil, mustard oil, sunflower oil, cottonseed oil and soyabean oil is adulterated with inexpensive palmolein. “Consumers buying edible oil in smaller quantities are being cheated. We want the government of Maharashtra which allowed the sale of loose oil.

l Suresh Golani

Are you a foodie who loves to binge on finger-licking butter dosas or pav bhaaji. Beware, as they might just be loaded with adulterants which could prove fatal for your health. In a joint operation – a special squad from the Thane unit of the Food and Drugs Administration along with officials from the Navghar police station led by Police Inspector (Crime) Suresh Gengne busted a fake butter-making unit in Bhayandar (east) on Monday. Based on a specific tipoff -Assistant Commissioner (FDA) – Rajendra Runwal, along with the police team raided a flat in Janta Nagar building located in the posh Jesal Park area of Bhayandar (east) where fake butter was being manufactured. The adulterators purchased original Amul butter and blended it with spurious Vanaspati Oil and Ghee for an apparent two-fold increase in its quantity. The adulterated butter was freezed and later packed into Amul butter packets to be sold off as a genuine Amul product in the local market.

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