Mumbai: Residents of Nahar Amrut Society at Sakinaka were stunned to hear five gun shots on Saturday. The incident occurred in the afternoon, when Imammuddin Khan (60) fired at his brother-in-law Ebanehasan Khan (60). Both Ebanehasan and Imammuddin are scrap dealers. There has been a property dispute between them, due to which Ebanehasan was bumped off on Saturday,” said Sakinaka Police. After the incident, Imammuddin surrendered to Sakinaka police claiming it was done in self defence. Ebanehasan was taken to Rajawadi hospital where he was declared dead before admission.

Imamuddin’s sister had married Ebanehasan and their son and daughter too have married to each other (Imamuddin’s daughter has married Ebanehasan’s son) but the two have separated. Since then, Imammuddin had been demanding compensation,” said police. Imammuddin, meanwhile, cooked up a different story. He told the police, due to their rivalry, Ebanehasan had hired two shooters to kill him. On Saturday, when he reached DP road he saw Ebanehasan with the killers approaching him. After coming near him, they removed their weapons and in just to save himself, Imammuddin claims, he fired five rounds at Ebanehasan with his licensed revolver. Imammuddin was arrested under section (302) of the Indian Penal Code, for murder. He will be produced in court on Sunday.