BMC officials have initiated a ‘Water Distribution Improvement Program’, which will be completed in five years and will ensure maximum water for residents living in Central and western suburbs


Mumbai : The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) seems to be intent on realising its dream of supplying water 24×7 in Maximum City. To that effect, BMC officials have initiated a project ‘Water Distribution Improvement Program’, which will be completed in five years, and will be helpful for the residents living in the two of the biggest regions of the city. The BMC officials will first start a pilot project in T-ward (Mulund) and H-west (Bandra). 

According to Ramesh Bamble, chief engineer, Hydraulic Department, “In last two years, we were successful in supplying water 24×7 to the 75 percent residents of Mulund, 50 percent residents of Bhandup and 40 percent of residents living in N-ward of Ghatkopar”.
Bamble further added, “Though we have partly supplied water 24×7, in three different wards in Mumbai but we do not have specific data which shows water supply, water pressure, leakages, pipe routes and many more. Due to which we believe we are unable to supply water 24×7 to each and every resident in these three wards”.
Looking at the lack of specific details of water supply data, senior officials from the civic body have decided to give a contract to a private company which will conduct its research. The programme has been named ‘Water Distribution Improvement Program’. BMC officials have also released the tenders, and many companies have come forward. “Meanwhile, BMC officials are in the process of tender scrutiny after which they will start its first pilot project in Mulund and Bandra, which will be carried out for one year”, added Bamble.
Through GIS (Geographical Information Science) the water mapping will be done by private companies, in order to find existing pipelines in the city, along with other data which will be further uploaded on a centralised system. The BMC officials believe it will be easier for them to achieve their target once they have an updated centralised information, including demographics, maps and other minute details. For which the BMC officials will soon launch a centralised hydraulic data centre. “The centralised data will help us to locate at what pressure the water must be released in different areas across the two regions,” added Bamble.
“If the pilot project is successful, the civic body will carry out a similar project across the eastern and western regions of suburban Mumbai,” he said. An estimated Rs 300 crore will be spent in the five-year project, added the senior official.
At present, BMC officials are supplying 3700 mld of water to Mumbaikars. However, officials are unaware about the wastage of water, which time takes place due to leakages in pipelines most of the time. But officials from BMC believe that, further wastage of water will be under control after a detailed study is conducted by private companies.
According to the Bamble, “The slum areas especially which are on a hillock have to be studied in detail. Those who reside on the foot of the hillock get water appropriately and those who reside on the top hillock are unable to get adequate supply”.

Sachin Unhalekar

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