Both Milind & Priya Dutt’s assets run into crores

Milind Deora

Income in 2013-2014: Rs 83.09 lakh In 2017-2018 Deora’s income grew to nearly Rs 1.60 crore.Moveable assets of Deora are Rs 33.74 crore, Deora has Rs 1.27 lakh cash-in-hand and has fixed deposits of Rs 1.04 crore. He has invested Rs 20.20 crore in bonds/debentures/shares/Mutual Funds.

He has NSS/postal savings/insurance policies and investment in post office/insurance company of rs 12.47 lakh. Deora has given personal loans/advances to persons or entities including firm, trust and other receivables from debtors Rs 10.23 crore.

He owns a Honda CRV worth Rs 19.80 lakh which he has purchased it in 2016, in partnership with M/s Gibson Enterprises. Deora has declared jewellery and bullion valuables worth Rs 11.05 lakh. His spouse’s jewellery valuation is worth Rs 1.50 crore. He has other assets such as value of claims/interest of Rs 1.80 crore. His total gross total value is Rs 33.74 crore.

Milind Deora also is one of the five beneficiaries of ‘Punit Deora Trust,’ having 20 per cent interest in the trust which has business assets and liabilities. ‘The Trust owns immovable propoerty at Mahape and his capital in the trust is Rs 90.47 lakh. He has declared rental from this immovable property as ‘Income from house property’.

He is also the proprietor of ‘Fender Consultants’. Deora has also received a property from his mother as Gift deed. The property is valued at Rs 13.59 crore. Deora’s liabilities are valued at Rs 212. Deora’s profession has been listed as business and social work.

Priya Dutt

Income in 2013-14: Nearly Rs 52 lakh\ In 2017-2018 – Rs 13.13 crore Moveable assets of Dutt are worth Rs 17.84 crore.

Purchase price of immoveable property is Rs 1.63 crore. Self acquired assets are valued at Rs 2.35 crore. Inherited assets are valued at Rs 67.42 crore She owes Rs 17,89,990 to Government. Loans from bank/financial institutions, others are valued at Rs 3.35 crore.

Dutt has given loans worth Rs 95 lakh to companies and individuals. She has given loans worth Rs 50 lakh to Nasser Sadequian, Rs 5 lakh to Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd, Rs 30 lakh to Shree Enterprises, and Rs 10 lakh Tahara Wani. Dutt has jewellery worth Rs 33 lakh, gold worth nearly Rs 14 lakh, and diamonds worth Rs 19 lakh.

Dutt has 1/3rd shares of assets inherited from (late) Sunil dutt (father), 1/5th shares in Lucky Rogers LLP Capital A/c worth Rs 1.80 lakh, Lucky Rogers LLP A/c worth Rs 47,322. Her gross total value is estimated at Rs 18 crore. Dutt has agricultural land currently valued at Rs 7.52 crore.

Dutt has 1/3rd share in a commercial building property inherited from her father, late Sunil Dutt, with total 4879.32 square feet of built-up area, currently valued Rs 45 crore and her share (1/3rd) is valued at Rs 15 crore. Residential building/premise’s current market value is Rs 47.25 crore. And the total current marker value of all above properties valued at nearly 70 crore. Dutt owes of Rs 1.12 lakh to a bank/financial institution Daimler Finance for a car loan.

Loan or dues owed to individuals or entities are valued at Rs 3.35 crore. She owes Rs 1.07 lakh to Sanjay Dutt and Rs 1.88 crore to Estate of late Sunil dutt. She owes Rs 8.91 lakh to Roncon Owen (husband) and Rs 22.75 lakh to US Consulate. Her total dues to the government is Rs 17.89 lakh. She has two liabilities in dispute worth Rs 17.28 lakh and Rs 61,770. Rectification application has been filed.

Her savings account has Rs 57.65 lakh. Dutt’s debentures/shares and units/mutual fundsa are valued at Rs 8.67 crore, PMS/AIF/Structure product at Rs 14.92 crore, and NSS/Postal saving/insurance policies at Rs 28 lakh. Her gross total savings are worth Rs 45.87 lakh. She owns Mercedes Benz worth Rs 26 lakh, Hyundai Creta worth Rs 12 lakh, and other vehicles worth Rs 38 lakh. Her husband owns three vehicles worth Rs 48 lakh.

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