Aditi Rao Hyadri looks regal in a pastel lehenga
Aditi Rao Hyadri looks regal in a pastel lehenga

The year has just begun and the clock has started clicking with regards trends. If you need some help in this, the designers are more than ready to talk about fashion trends of 2018.

Style Becoming Trend

Samantha Chilton, Head of Design at, feels various routes help trends & key fashion styles evolve. “Designer collections and runway looks still heavily influence fashion, but their adaptation through fashion savvy, social media stars and fashion bloggers give the look a cool, commercial spin, thus making them accessible to mainstream fashion lovers.”

Indian- American designer, Tina Tandon too sees style becoming a trend when it appears in media on a major celeb or major fashion influencers these days. “Before you know it, those trends hit your neighbourhood purveyor of fast-fashion; and from there.”

Designer Suvi Arya,thinks on the same line. “Due to it, any style becomes a trend.”For designer Kiran Behr of brand Krimson, fashion is very changing & evolving. “So many creative minds are always on the lookout for daily inspiration.” She feelsmass following of a particular style results in a trend.

A spokesperson from international brand FRENCH CONNECTION has a slightly different take. “Style is more about personal styling tricks and the person’s overall aura. Trend is what connects to most of us; it is a style that makes an impact, is ever evolving and recurring due to its popularity and nature.”

Party dresses & Kimono Sleeve will also dominate fashion
Party dresses & Kimono Sleeve will also dominate fashion

Fashion 2017

When it comes to trends in 2017,Tina, talks about SportyChicor AthleisureWearthat willappear in 2018 too. “Velvet was big for fall; it was seen in new silhouettes and sexy bodycon avatars.Stripes were a big trend for spring/summer, especially on wide leg pants.Fringe was still a big trend.Dramatic sleeves like Big Balloon, Puff, and VictorianInspired Sleeves were a major trend.”

Samantha reveals that apart from Denim, Party dresseswill continue to be popular.“The Post Gym look is a trend for consumers who want to they care about keeping healthy. ‘Borrowed from the boys’ – poplin shirt trend also made waves.”

Kiran speaks of trends like Tassels, Fringes of Leather and Sequins, Deep Plunging Necklines, Thigh High Slits, Minimalism with Sharp Cuts and Basic Silhouette with Intrinsic Embroidery and Detailing. “This year, the trend continues as who wouldn’t love to twirl or shimmy in gorgeous tassels or enhance their confidence in smart cuts and neckline.”

The spokesperson from FRENCH CONNECTION recalls,“With slogan t-shirts,we saw every brand speaking their mind and their values they believe in.There are several factors that make a trend popular. It is not just about sartorial popularity but also about the socio graph of what’s trending amongst different societies and cultures.”

Suvirecalls a few fashion trends like stylish saris & off-shoulders. “The fashion week pushed these styles on the runway & the celebrities carried these from the runway to media presences.”

Ultra-violet will rule this year ’s colour segment
Ultra-violet will rule this year ’s colour segment

Trends In 2018

It is time to get acquainted with fashion trends that will make a mark in 2018.FRENCH CONNECTION spokesperson talks of trends of Bold Bright like Yellows & Reds, Summer Pastels, Functional Clothing and Checks.Suvi agrees & adds, “With so many summer weddings coming around, India will play big with pastel shades.Fusion wear in 2018 will be around.”

Kiran views ultra-violet will rule this year’s colour segment. “Shades of violets are so mesmerizing that even a simple outfit would look eye-catchy.Disco bling like sequins and shimmer are here to stay. Sequins ooze a lot of glam and bling and don’t weigh too much on the garment. Plastic trends are also back this season.”

Samantha talks about embellishment which is the embroidery trend.“It will be taken to a new level with lots of 3D embellishments with a kitsch, fun angle.Romantic, Bohemian, Prairie Looks are key for 2018.  Soft BohoMidi Dresses, Balloon Sleeve Blouses and Gentle Ruffles will be a key.Denim is a key trend area and will continue to build. Skinny jeans are still very important but we will see a lot more new shapes evolve. We will also come across a lot of head to toe denim looks.80‘s trends are building gradually through party wear with lots of bling, power shoulders and asymmetrical dresses.”

Tina speaks of few trends. “Dramatic sleeves will continue to rule in 2018. Asian influence like Asian Floral Prints, Kimono Sleeveand Cinched Waists will make a prominent appearance. Sheer Fabrics and Peek-A-Boo Partswill add to our wardrobe fantasies this year.Fringe details will continue to add drama to our wardrobes in 2018.”

Tasselled jewellery will make its presence felt
Tasselled jewellery will make its presence felt

Accessories Galore

If we talk about accessories,Kiran suggests,Tasselled & Fringed Jewellery, Plastic Sneakers, Sandals and Flats.Suvibacks trends like bling earrings and sneakers – both regular & quirky ones.

Tina speaks of trends like Plastics/Clear See-Through Acrylic,Block Heels,Statement Earringsand Mismatched Earrings. FRENCH CONNECTION spokesperson speaks, “Playful colour blocking mixed with prints in urban structured silhouettes with a lot of attention to detail.”

Samantha suggests, “In footwear, mules and slides will be everywhere. Also, sock boots and trainers are already making waves. Logo and statement belts come into their own as we will be tucking tops into high-waist jeans, skirt and trousers – so a stylish belt is a new must have. Smaller bags, just enough for your phone, your make up and money.”

Tips In Mind

Samantha wants everyone to keep one’s individuality while following trends. “Don’t be afraid to take liberty and experiment by bringing in one or two trend elements that work with the silhouette you are comfortable with to reinvent your look and style.”

Suviwants everyone to keep their body type & style in mind and be confident in carrying it. The spokesperson fromFRENCH CONNECTION agrees and suggests, “Identify the trend that suits you & your body type and keep it simple yet edgy. Simplicity never goes out of style.”

Kiran wants everyone to wear trends with some judgement. “Also, by wearing our own distinct style backed by self believe and worthiness, we may set a trend for others to follow as well. Why follow the crowd when you are capable of leading one.”

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