The impressive popularity of gambling - Themed movies explained
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Gambling is extremely popular today, and for good reason, with an ever-growing selection of newly released online casinos and games, as well as a plethora of new land amenities and enhanced entertainment. Needless to say, the fascination with casinos and gambling, in general, has attracted the attention of many Hollywood and Bollywood screenwriters. As a result, there have been dozens of casino-themed films that have achieved phenomenal box-office success by portraying a romanticized image of the fascinating gambling scene.

Let's take a closer look at some of the main reasons why this particular genre is so popular among both players and non-players.

The Characters Are Memorable

Do you know what Matt Damon, Nicholas Cage, John Malcovich, and James Woods have in common, other than their obvious choice of an acting career and irrefutable success on the big screen? They all enjoy a good wager every time their busy filming schedule allows them. They have openly talked about their passion for gambling and told interesting tales regarding their casino experiences. Accordingly, they were the perfect fit for a variety of films that revolve around the theme of gambling. Nothing is more convincing and appealing to the public than seeing their favourite actors play roles that are inspired by their real life!

They Provide Good Inspiration

Most of these gambling-themed films are excellent sources of inspiration for a large variety of gamblers, whether seasoned players or newbies just getting started. Whether you are looking for an intriguing action film sprinkled with exciting casino fun, a title that revolves around gambling problems you would like to avoid dealing with yourself, or a Hollywood production that introduces viewers to some innovative winning strategies, there is a little something for everyone.

They Introduce Viewers To Some Glamorous Lifestyles

Gambling-themed films usually reveal some lavish casino lifestyles of big winners, high-rollers, and casino owners that make huge profits and who can afford extravagant vacations and a glamorous lifestyle. These are always captivating to watch and they are also one of the reasons why these films are so popular. Who doesn't like to daydream about winning the casino and having loads of money, expensive designer clothes, diamonds, and yachts?

The Locations Where They Are Filmed Are Spectacular

The impressive popularity of gambling - Themed movies explained

The oftentimes glamorous locations where casino-themed films are filmed and the huge costs of the productions are also determining factors that will make or break a movie and its box office success. Films that revolve around casino gameplay are usually expensive to produce. Just think about the world-famous Casino Royale film that is still labelled as one of the most expensive films in the history of Hollywood film-making. How much did it cost to produce Casino Royale featuring none other than Daniel Craig? Around $150 million. The adrenaline-pumping action scenes and breathtaking locations in Montenegro were expensive to shoot. The film introduces viewers to the famous James Bond who is out to beat a private banker who is using his money to fund known terrorists in a game of poker with huge stakes at Casino Royale. The cool theme, amazing script-writing, and acting have brought the film no less than 27 prizes and 44 total nominations.

They Debunk Gambling Myths

A lot of casino-themed films are able to introduce viewers to a number of industry myths, often de-bunking, affirming, or busting them. For example, more often than not, these films seem to at least throw hints at the criminal background that used to go hand in hand with the gambling industry a few decades ago. They also touch on important topics like frequent casino wins, counting cards, the use of different strategies and special gambling tactics, and many other similar topics that lots of players would be thrilled to watch and learn from. Some skill casino games can be won more often with the help of the right strategies, and films that portray famous and proven gambling strategies that have helped regular people take home some serious cash. We could mention here the example of famous MIT Blackjack Team made by an MIT professor and his students who managed to develop a winning blackjack strategy that helped them scoop up loads of money portrayed in Hollywood films like “The Last Casino” in 2004, “21” in 2008, and the Bollywood production “Teen Patty” in 2010.

While many of the statements portrayed in these films are usually pure fiction, some of them do find their inspiration in real-life events and occurrences, which makes casino-themed films even more interesting to watch. Today's casinos hold much better reputations compared to casinos from a few decades ago, and viewers know to take the criminal background activities portrayed by some of these films as pure fiction, thus the reason why the popularity of gambling is never negatively affected by the release of a new casino-themed film.

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