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Senior Citizens: Success Mantras of Life to Remain Happy





Every individual’s aim in life is to remain happy and lead a contented life by being successful. The word success means different things at diverse phases of life: accomplishment in academics is considered success in student life. To achieve what one wants to in professional life and long-term career signifies success in working life. And finally, a dignified and contended life in the old age is what is cherished by all. This signifies a successful journey of twilight period of life. And all this success is aimed to be happy in life!!

Mantras of Success:

An analysis of various strategies adopted by people at different stages of life reveals that there are certain common cardinal principles for road to success in all phases. These Principles or Mantras of successful journey of life can be christened as Golden 5C Principles. These are applicable for elderly people as well. These include:

Competence: First “C” of success is that one has to be competent. The word competence here implies combination of right knowledge, skills and attitude (KSA) needed for old age. These include both lower as well as higher level cognitive skills in terms of minimum Intelligent Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) to manage one’s affairs including finances, problem solving attitude, innovative mind and acumen to manage inter-personal relationships. A good health and sound mind are prerequisite for the same.

Communications: Second essential “C” is communication ability. However good one may be, he / she will not be recognized or accepted, if he / she is not able to sell himself / herself to others including family members, friends and colleagues at various places. And this can happen only if one has adequate communication ability with a sense of empathy. This will enable the elderly person to communicate from adult ego state (position of maturity) to the adult ego of others and try to be sympathetic to their feelings / concern. This also facilitates communication to be stable, meaningful, without bias and with a sense of love without hurting the recipient.

Connect: Third “C” in this context is one’s ability to remain connected. One of the major issues with elderly people is anxiety arising from loneliness. And the main antidote to counter is to remain actively connected with everyone: family members, school / college / working group friends, new friends like walking clubs / laughing groups / senior citizen communities, among others. This connection can take various shapes: personal meetings, chats over telephones, meetings at weekends, reunions at special functions like marriages / wedding anniversaries, etc. Advancement of technology has made the connection easier across thousands of miles and beyond time limits. Other types of connect could include harmony with the surrounding, connect with Oneself / Nature / Universe.

Confidence: Fourth “C” is the level of confidence and positivity one shows in any interaction / communion process. No one would like to be in company of a negative person, however good he / she is. It is essential that an elderly person learns the nuances of radiating positive energy on all occasions. The other attribute is confidence. Here the word confidence means how much one can cope with pressure, face challenges, fight adverse circumstance and come out stronger with resilience from shadows of failures. We need today elderly people who have strong resilience, have fire in belly and run confidently in the journey of life.

Composure: And the final but most important “C” in success taxonomy is ability to keep composure in most adverse circumstances. Old age will obviously have its own challenges, adversities, moments of downfall and sorrows including loss of near and dear ones. How one faces tragedies of life with composure and philosophical attitude will determine ability to counter unhappiness.

Concluding Thoughts:

In conclusion, one can say that the above 5C Mantras of personality, attitude and aptitude are at the core of happiness of an elderly person. We must remember life is a precious gift by the Almighty and all of us have to traverse the journey as happily as possible. Success & failures, joys & sorrows are all integral part of life and we need to take them as they come.

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Published on: Saturday, August 14, 2021, 01:29 PM IST