Nine Shades Of Navratri: Goddess of health

The fifth manifestation of Durga is Skandmata who is worshipped on the fifth day of the Navratri also known as Panchami. Goddess Skandamata is depicted as a four-armed deity, who carries a lotus in two of her arms with a Kamandalu and a bell. She is also seen carrying little Kartikay on her lap. Kartikay is also known as Skanda, hence giving the goddess the name of Skandamata. Her posture is calm and serene. She is seated on a lotus, but a lion is also her vehicle.

The importance

Devotees are blessed with desire fulfilment by performing the puja. Additionally, worshipping this particular form of goddess brings the parental bliss in one’s marital life. Which means one is blessed with a progeny with the blessings of the mother. Thoughts get purified and mind becomes happier. One also gets inspiration to properly execute his domestic responsibilities for the family. Hence, devotees should carefully perform the pooja with devotion by first worshipping the invoked deities and then proceed to worship the goddess.

Offerings and colour

A bhog of bananas is offered to the goddess and it is said to keep the devotees in good health. Also, it is said that banana is the favourite fruit of Goddess. The other food options include kache kele ki barfi, banana chips (with rock salt), banana walnut lassi and kele ki sabzi. The colour for the day is orange which symbolizes agility and happiness.

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