Kundan Srivastava: The man who fights for human rights

In our country where Crime is at its peak, and the victims are usually looked over and struggle to get justice a engineer turned activist Kundan Srivastava stands out for being a rare voice who fights for the rights and justice for the victims of such crimes. Being recognized as one of the youngest enthusiast human rights activist of the country Kundan Srivastava is on the news for his tremendous work for the society.

India regularly gets criticized for its high rate of criminal cases against women in the world media.

There are around 2.5 million crimes including, especially against women have been reported in India over the last decade. Reported cases of Crime against women increased by 83% from 185,312 in 2007 to 338,954 in 2016. Domestic violence, Sexual Harassment, Dowry Death, Rape, and there are many more heinous crimes are happening against the women in vast number from so long. In this environment, the human rights activist Kundan Srivastava has become a ray of hope for the victims of such crimes.

Living in the capital state of the country Delhi and hearing such horrifying stories of Crime against women shook him from inside and started. It was then that he decided to start the Be In Humanity Foundation. A youth-run voluntary organization that works towards empowering women across different sections of the society. To work against such crimes and provide the necessary help the women affected by these horrific crimes.

"Even though having such powerful laws in the country for crime against women. The victims of such horrible crimes have a hard time to get justice. Many of the incidents get unnoticed and guilty roam free in society because of that. The women are left to suffer alone and bear this pain and injustice." Kundan says.

"Just making the laws for the crime and hoping that it will change the reality will not work. The justice should be served on time, and guilty should get punished so that the beliefs of people stay alive in law and order" he adds.

Kundan has raised his voice actively against such heinous crimes on any occasion and helped get the justice to the victims.

A woman in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh was arrested on charges of attempt to murder after a shocking video revealed by the human rights activist on his Facebook page that went viral, which showed her brutally beating up and torturing her elderly mother-in-law. Her husband Sandip Kumar Jain stated that this had been happening for several years and she would often assault his parents. Sandeep complained about her, but nobody listened, and according to the social activist, even the police was dragging their feet because the accused was women. With the mutual help of Kundan, they installed a CCTV camera in their house and caught her red handed. Kundan appealed to the then Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav to take action against the woman named Sangeeta Jain.

The police registered a case under section 307 of the Indian Penal Code against Sangeeta, and she got arrested.

"Strong laws were created for women, but some women are misusing the laws. I would urge the Government of India to act against such women. I promise I will help you into this cruelty, and I also believe Crime has no Gender." Kundan says in his Facebook post.

In another incident where a 70-year old Delhi woman allegedly beaten by her son. The human rights activist shared shocking videos and pictures on his facebook, which showed the women laying bleeding and getting beaten mercilessly by her son. Her son can also be heard reprimanding her for her 'lies' when she informed witnesses that he beats her daily and takes her money. Local media reports that although the police were called to intervene, they allegedly forced her not to press charges. However, her son was later arrested following pressure from human rights activist Kundan Srivastava and his team and public.

Mr. Srivastava's humanitarian work is not just limited to India only. He has helped quite several Indians who are living abroad and are victims of such hate crimes.

A stranger racially abused an Indian-origin girl named Ekta Desai in a train while she was on her way to work in the United States. Ekta, who lives in New York, posted a video on her Facebook profile that showed a man hurling racial slurs at her and another Asian woman on a busy commuter train. The video was then shared by the website 'The Voice Raiser' and has since then gone viral and viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. Desai then contacted Kundan Srivastava, who is also the founder of the organization 'The Voice Raiser.'

Kundan said the US government should "punish" the man for "harassing and abusing women and also insulting our nation."

"We would also like to say that being a girl does not make anyone less capable or helpless. As you can see in the video, people are just standing as a mere spectator. He yelled disgusting things and used unacceptable words. A person should abide by the civic rules and does not slut shame a woman. Keep Fighting!" Srivastava's organization said.

The media have applauded his effort and work all over the world. The young activist has become a role model for the younger generation because of the humanitarian work that he has done over the years. He is awarded many times for his affirmative action for society.

He fights for the women who have faced such wicked crimes in life and struggling to get their life together and living under some dark space of their own life. Instead of treating them like a victim of a crime Kundan Srivastava sees them as a survivor who has gone through such tough times of their life. Not only does he provide them the legal support to fight their cases and help them get justice, but also he makes sure to change their mindset towards life and uplift their spirit so that they go back to society and lead a normal and happy life.

"After being victims of heinous crimes like rape, acid attacks, and dowry harassment, little is done to help these women. They need to be welcomed back into society and given strength, courage, and power to lead normal lives," says Kundan.

To fight for the unheard voices and rights of human. An effort to give hope and provide justice to each and every single human being despite their caste, religion, race, and gender is what in the real term equality is, and Kundan Srivastava is just doing exactly that. His efforts are a step ahead to make this society a better place for all human beings.

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