Updated on: Wednesday, January 05, 2022, 04:32 PM IST

Exciting beauty trends for 2022


As beauty continues to go digital, the possibilities for growth in this business are immense. From AI-based make-up personalization to 3D contouring and printed make-up, there's more out there than you can ever imagine. And you know what’s the best part? Whatever is your budget or taste, the trending products and services will be within your reach - on a click of a button. So, if you’re curious and not sure where to begin from, here's a quick list of future-forward trends for 2022.

Less is more

Minimalism is all about focusing on what really matters. When it comes to beauty, stepping off from the treadmill of duplicity and excessive consumption and embracing non-toxic simplicity can be more attractive.

The new-age tech tools such as smart mirrors, facial analytics-led cleaners, head-to-toe nourishment kits help you declutter piles of extras and create space for essentials only. While there’s no rulebook to what you want to own or get rid of, you will learn how to preserve the right, multi-purpose beauty resources.

Vibing in Virtual

Looking for a fun and engaging way to experience beauty in an entirely new way? Everything is possible with virtual, be it a skin assessment or makeover. Thanks to augmented reality, it’s now easy to see how the product/beauty feature will look on you before you make a real-time purchase.

While Try-ons have replaced the in-store beauty experience, they are just the beginning, as we now have voice assistants giving you a personal care advice and helping you shop the product on your list. Printed make-up is up next for that precision-friendly application. Wait, there’s more. How can you not talk about 3D beauty in this segment. Enhancing one’s digital persona, has naturally become a top priority for many in the era of social media taking over our lives. As long as we want to share our pictures and videos online, virtual make-up trends, which also include filters and tech glam looks, are here to stay.


Who doesn’t love hacks? Beauty hacks and DIYs are ancient technics to be independent when it comes fulfilling your beauty needs. From making your own beauty scrubs, essential oils to hair masks, there’s always more to explore. While the pandemic encouraged this trend in the last two years, next year, we will see different versions of Do-IT-Yourself concepts, commonly inspired by customer reviews, video tutorials and routine care series. These are not only popular, but also come in handy when you have no time to get ready, or need a hack up your sleeve. 2022 will mark a steady rise in the DIY trend, since it is cost-effective yet efficient.

Oh my Lux!

High-end luxury shopping is on the rise. Online accessibility and convenience to shop from your home are two key contributors that have made luxury brands available to everyone. It’s not only the bucks you pay for a brand, but it’s also the craftmanship, exclusivity and quality that matters. Establishing a personal connection is every brand’s agenda; however, luxury brands understand a person’s desire for recognition and to sort of, make a social statement.

They provide superlative experiences their audiences crave for and are always on toes to introduce solutions and services that are smart, strategic, and special. Believe it or not, 2022 is going to redefine how luxury is perceived and whether the industry can up the game quickly when it comes to creating an environment of influence and extravaganza in the market.

Holistic beauty

The concept of mindful wellness has evolved over the time, and beauty brands have had to provide something that is more holistic and inclusive – be it a product or service. Gender-neutral make-up is demanding attention amongst millennials and digital natives. Inspired by the principles of non-violence, vegan beauty, which is considered more so as a lifestyle now, will also rule the roost. With brands becoming more ecologically aware, sustainable beauty options such as edible cosmetics, vitamin-infused, waterless products will grow in 2022.

So, as a consumer, you have a wide, multi-functional and versatile range to choose from. Hope our trend-forecast helps you make a fresh start as you enter 2022. It’s time to BeBeautiful and get glowing!

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Published on: Wednesday, January 05, 2022, 04:32 PM IST