Doc Destiny: The number of Ketu

Today’s date being September 25, which brings down to Number 7 (2+5 = 7), in today’s column we will try to understand the significance and importance of Number 7 and also learn about the unique qualities of people who have an association with this mystical number. People who are born on 7th, 16th and 25th of any month have a major influence of Number 7 on their lives. The number 7 is ruled by the planet Neptune which is called Ketu in Hindu astronomy.

People whose destiny number is 7, no matter on which date they are born also have an association with number 7. Those things which are beyond our comprehension and those that are considered divine are divided into seven kinds. Number 7 has the ability to control human powers as per the dictates of God.

Number 7 makes people religious and orthodox. Such individuals believe in practicing age old religious traditions and teachings. They will have implicit faith in the doctrines of their religion. Number 7 people will not be attracted by philosophy. Their leaning will be more towards natural and mystic powers like yoga and occultism which are normally not known to many. Though they are deeply interested in spiritual thinking and practice, they never become totally detached from the world.

GENERAL QUALITIES: People who are ruled by number 7 gets judged by others very often. Though such individuals are not hard-core lovers of luxury but they have a redefined taste. People with number 7 are mostly tall and have an attractive face. They are introvert in nature and they choose their words wisely while having a conversation with others. They always have a different opinion from others and hence, they rarely earn good friends. Such individuals are short-tempered, but when the environment is harmonious, they get along quite well with others. Otherwise, they prefer to spend their time in solitude.

Those who are linked with number 7 never share their problems or difficulties with others, instead they hide it from others and keep worrying. All of them are hardworking people, who are deeply engrossed in their work. If the circumstances are favorable, they can achieve anything. The mental strength of these people is much greater than their physical strength. But, sometimes, they will blow up even minor issues into unrealistic proportion and will worry endlessly about them. They tend to worry constantly about their future.

These people, who can be easily affected by circumstances, will dare and achieve many things, if they are surrounded by people who encourage and inspire them. They do not follow the ideas of others easily. In whatever field they are involved they will work independently and will bring out outstanding ideas and contributions. They will express their personal views boldly. Their lives confirm the charismatic power within them and will influence many. All that they see in their dreams come true and most of them are blessed with divine vision or dreams. Though they are intelligent, they do not mange to acquire the mental state, which they desire to achieve. They will have a definite spiritual development.

BIRTH NUMBER 25: This is a combination of number 2, Moon And number 5, Mercury. The Moon is neutral towards Mercury and Mercury is the enemy of the Moon. This creates a strange relationship, although this combination brings luck. This number gives a fluctuating nature. The person becomes dreamy, moody, imaginative, artistic and philosophical. In later life they obtain success after struggle. They are not lucky in their love life. They are advised to avoid risky ventures. Like a typical number 7 (2+5), they have psychic abilities and become great writers.

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