Doc Destiny: Number 8 – The number of divinity, miracles and infinity

Today's date being January 8, in today’s column, we will discuss the significance of Number 8. We will try to understand the unique characteristics and personality traits of people who have an association with Number 8.

People who are born on the 8th, 17th and 26th of any month and whose destiny number is 8, are strongly connected with number 8, which signifies infinity. People with number 8 are called ‘children of destiny’. Their ideas lead them to their fate. The planet Saturn has a great influence on individuals with number 8 since the number is ruled by Saturn.

Number 8 can shower divine grace and good fortune on individuals who come under its influence. People with number 8 receive true spiritual enlightenment and knowledge. Number 8 people don’t give much importance to worldly pleasures. It is seen that people with number 8 renounce everything, take the spiritual route and become sages.

They have great mental strength and stability. They are very balanced in everything due to their innate common sense. But sometimes their mind surges them to lead a lonely life. They consider themselves unique in the world and this reflects in their speech and their behaviour. 8 is a Karmic number, which rewards for being good and punishes for being wrong.

They understand the philosophy of life clearly than others. Their minds are adept in realising divine truths. If their lives are based on the pursuit of grace and godliness, they experience great miracles in their life. Apart from being influenced by Saturn, this number belongs to the Earth element, Prithvi tattva.

Natives of number 8 generally blame Saturn if something goes wrong in their lives. One should understand that like every coin has two sides, similarly, every planet has the ability to produce good and bad effects, which influences your life positively and as well negatively.

And no matter how strong the other planets are, Saturn adjusts and balances with them and determines the fate of people who come under its influence. As this planet gives results that are based purely upon one’s past and present deeds and behavioural patterns, this planet is subjected to adverse criticism.

Whilst all the other planets urge the mind to pursue material wealth and pleasures, Saturn is the only planet which bestows upon its natives the power of discernment. This is the only planet which gives a person a balanced view of things and for analysing any subject completely and impartially.

General characteristics: They are responsible, reliable, hardworking, dedicated to family/self/society. They mostly stick to one service/job for long. They are trustworthy and can be given a highly responsible job /work. They get an inheritance in life in the form of wealth, prosperity or business.

Lucky traits:

Lucky number – If they are born on 8th, 17th, or 26th then their lucky numbers are 1 and 5.

Lucky direction –West

Lucky gemstone – Blue Sapphire or Neelam.

Lucky colours – Dark Blue, Violet

Lucky combinations – 2,5 and 8

Lucky dates – 5,8,14,17, 23 and 26

Lucky day – Saturday

Donation – Shani daan, Black / Blue things on Saturdays

Learning lesson for Number 8 people – Be patient, as you are prone to delays and obstacles.

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