Doc Destiny: 13 — The unlucky number

As we all know, Number 13 is regarded as one of the unluckiest numbers of all. People associate it with bad luck, misfortune and failure. Butis Number 13 really that unlucky and inauspicious? Or it’s just a myth? Since today’s date is November 13, we will try to unravel and understand the significance of Number 13 and lesser known facts connected with it.

In the West, 13th is considered an inauspicious number. And this is why, people avoid living on the 13th floor, the 13th street or a house bearing Number 13. In Christianity, Number 13 is also been associated with the Last Supper as Jesus was betrayed by the 13th person who was one of his apostles. In the West and as well as in China, it is believed that Number 13 brings difficulties in life. Movies such as Friday the 13th, Horror Story have spelt a lot of fear in minds of people.

In almost all horror movies and TV serials, Number 13 is shown in a bad light due to which people across the globe link it with fear, terror and ill fate. But on the other hand, In India, the number 13 is actually considered as a divine number, since it represents Almighty. When we say, ‘sab kuch tera' in front of God, it strongly means that you are the force and strength behind me and I have you my lord, and I don’t need anyone. In North India, especially in Punjab, cars with number plates 1313 are pre-booked or sold at a premium price. In Sikhism, Number 13 represents ੴ, the supreme and holy Ik Onkar.

Today’s date is very significant for people who are born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st of any month. 1 + 3 = 4, the total brings us to Number 4. And Number 4 represents planet Uranus which is called Rahu in the Hindu astrology. The planet Uranus moves in opposite obituary and hence, such individuals think, talk and act differently.

They are often misunderstood. They are revolting by nature and live out of the box. Changes, suddenness and shifts are a part of their lives. They are masters of multi tasking. They have different profiles; they can juggle more than one responsibility at a time with ease. They make the best of friends but they also have the worst enemies.

Their life is generally a series of ups and downs. It is advisable that they should have a good calculation of their names. They often pave their own path and tend to branch away from the family business and start their own thing. Their life takes a turn at the age of 40. They are brilliant in business speculations; hence they should try their hands in the stock market. They also do extremely well in politics and construction business.

NUMBER 13: This is a combination of Sun and Jupiter which gives them irritable nature. Those who have an association with Number 13 are pessimistic and create sadness for themselves. It is a practical number. Itmakes people dependable. They go into the depths of matters. Such individuals become good scientists. Their friends always stand in their support. While Number 1 makes them powerful, Number 3 makes them uncertain.

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