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I am a 17-year-old boy. My parents passed away last year in an accident along with my grandfather. My grandmother is my only living relative who took me in after the accident. We haven’t spoken to anyone since then. My grandmother is now facing health issues and I am not sure how to help her. Because I am young, no one takes me seriously, but I understand a great deal. Please guide.

Ans: It must be such a responsibility on your shoulders at the moment and I can only imagine the toll it must be taking on you. I am very sorry for your loss; it must be a tough transition from grief to managing things at home. Any harm to your grandmother could be a trigger factor for concern in you and thus you do need help from people around. One thing that can be done is, discuss the matter with her doctor to help you figure out the next best option. There are a few organizations for elderly that lend support as well, you can reach out to them with your doctor’s inputs and suggestions.

My boyfriend of three years was recently diagnosed with stage one cancer. I have known him as a friend for seven years and with dating it has been 10 long years of knowing him. He has distanced himself from me stating he doesn’t want me to be a part of this and that I deserve better. I am mad at him, but also feeling extremely helpless as I want to be there for him. What can I do so that he doesn’t feel too pressurised as well as alien to everybody?

Ans: It must be a difficult phase for you two to tackle this health scare. On your part, I believe it is important to understand where he comes from. Cancer has been deemed quite a terrifying illness and a lot of mental pressure builds up upon diagnosis. Amidst these hordes of thoughts, one can lose sight of good things in life and often push them away so as to reduce the pain. Respect his choice at the moment, but be there on the sidelines; sometimes we need to give the help others need not the kind we feel they need.

I am from Germany, and I am in India on a three-year contract from a German company. I have been stuck here due to COVID since March. I was supposed to fly back and had things ready, but either the flights would get cancelled or something important would pop up at work. I have been living alone and it really gets lonely. Earlier, I would meet people on dating apps and at least have someone to hook up with or go out with. Now that’s also not possible. I am feeling low. Please help!

Ans: Staying away from home and not being able to socialize could be quite a concern mood wise. With situation being slightly better in terms of travel you could try looking for options to go back home. As far as connecting with people is concerned, dating apps are also revising their policies and trying to adapt to the current situation. You could give that new approach a try. It will be new and different, but definitely something where we are all headed towards, “new normal”. Speaking to a therapist till things settle can also be of help.

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