Beat your Lockdown Blues: All your mental health queries answered by Dr Anjali Chhabria
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I was recently evicted from my apartment as I couldn’t pay the rent. In the midst of this pandemic I am clueless as to how I should go about house-hunting when I am getting paid half my salary. I had big dreams when I came to Mumbai from my hometown in Andhra Pradesh. Now I don’t know how to return home without feeling embarrassed. I feel suicidal on some days. Please help.

Ans: I am very sorry to hear about the displacement you are going through in terms of housing. It must be tough in these times to find a place that fits your budget. My first suggestion to you would be to seek some professional help as your thoughts are bordering on suicide. Meet a psychiatrist or a psychologist who can help you with few techniques to handle stress better. Also, speak to your family about the current condition. This situation doesn’t reflect you as a failure. It is simply a pause to your dreams and not a full stop.

I am a teacher in secondary section at a reputed school. My major classes take place with students from 8th to 10th grade. Moving to the online teaching hasn’t been easy on me as I have always loved interacting with students in person. This is taking a toll on me as I don’t know much about technology. Yesterday, I broke down after class as I spent more than half my time figuring out how to share my screen. I really feel dejected.

Ans: It is commendable on your part to actually transition into this change which happened so suddenly. I understand technology can be tricky, especially, when you are used to using certain ways of teaching for a long period of time. I would suggest that you raise this matter with your school authorities and request them to hold a training session for all the teachers regarding how to effectively use technology. These breakdowns act as a demotivators and thus makes you feel dejected. Getting an orientation about how to use online platforms can definitely help.

I have been working with an accountancy firm for the last three years. I haven’t had issues with the work I get on daily basis. I could balance my work and personal life very well. But, now in the last six months my whole world has gone upside down. I can’t seem to strike a balance between my work and life. My boss holds meetings at random hours and I am left to wait for him to inform me about the same at last minute. Last week I was working late hours just because we would start late in the day. If this goes on I don’t know how I am going to cope. I am frustrated. And sometimes end up blasting on my family, which I know is wrong. Please help.

Ans: Work from home has been a fairly new concept in our country and which is one of the leading reasons why there is frustration on both, employees and employers, side. In your case, not having regular work hours is becoming a source of concern as you are unable to spend time with family despite being home the whole day. I would recommend you approach the HR and explain this situation as it is affecting your well-being. A meeting between you and your boss could help lay down certain work hours so that you can wrap up work at a reasonable time and also spend time with your family.

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