Beat your Lockdown Blues: All your mental health queries answered by Dr Anjali Chhabria
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I am an independent filmmaker. I recently acquired a project which involves shooting outstation. The money is good and I really need some good projects. I am quite excited, but the recent COVID-19 situation is getting on my nerves. I get scared with the thought that I might get the virus if I travel and stay on set with strangers. What should I do to get rid of this fear?

Ans: Your fear is quite natural as staying in a new place with strangers can have its own risks. Weighing your pros and cons in this situation is important to help you make a decision. You mentioned that you need projects and that this one gives you good money so the essential factors to consider this project are in place. Now, with respect to your travel and your stay at the shoot is concerned, speak to the team about safety measures adopted by them and whether or not guidelines are being followed. Once you are satisfied that things are in place and with necessary precautions on your part you can take a call accordingly.

A few days ago, my dad met with a family member and that member tested positive for COVID-19 three days ago. I am scared as to whether my dad would be the carrier or might show symptoms anytime now. I am always on guard around him and it is starting to get to my parents as well. Last night we had an argument when he coughed a little and I panicked at that. How do I lessen my worry?

Ans: Being watchful is important. But, if you let that become your constant behaviour then not just you, but people around you could also be negatively affected. Speak to your family physician and discuss the matter with him/her to know what could be the next course of action. You are right as far as someone being asymptomatic or showing symptoms between one to 14 days, but rather than fixating on this knowledge, a conversation with your doctor can help ease things for you. Also, as a rule, make space for other things to think about and work on instead of focusing only on this one factor.

Our building is located in a very crowded area. Every day I see so many people going in and out especially after the unlock phase. We still haven’t called in our help back to work, but most others have. Three weeks ago, an entire family in the building tested positive for COVID-19 and was hospitalised. I am worried that due to such lax behaviour our building will soon be exposed to a higher risk. What do you think I should do?

Ans: The panic and chaos COVID-19 is creating amongst all of us has also resulted in blurring the lines between healthy and unhealthy worry. The cases are on the rise and everyday news reports show new figures which also adds to our worries and if cases happen to be in the vicinity then the stress is ten-fold. I would suggest that at this point focus and maintain hygiene and encourage those who you can around you. Constant worry and micro managing about who is coming in the building and leaving will only add to your stress levels. You could speak to the building authorities and try and establish few ground rules with respect to safety and precautions so that you are at peace as well.

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