Agony Aunt helps you to deal with workplace problems

Moving forward

My business partner and I have been working together for 5 years now. Our business has been going very well and we have been very successful. Recently I received a job offer from a very big company in the USA. They have offered me the position of a CEO and the pay is excellent. This has been my dream job and I really want to take it. I don’t know how to break the news to my partner as it will crush him. He has helped me in my most difficult times and I don’t want to leave him halfway, but I also want this job. I don’t know what to do. 

Ans: Weigh the career options in terms of pros and cons and also on the fact that how much you really wish for such a movement. You can also find someone trustworthy who can take your place and partner with your friend, if that doesn’t work out, you can also hand over your share to him and make him the sole owner so that there is no bitterness. Your business partner may extend understanding if things are done amicably and systematically.

Breaking the silence

I have been associated with this non-profit organisation for past few years. Initially things have been pretty smooth sailing but lately, I have noticed that few volunteers are taking undue advantage of the finances that we collect during the events we organise. I have caught few of them red-handed but it’s my word against them and I am sure others would not consider me seriously as I am at a junior position. I care a lot for this organisation and do not wish for it to suffer. What should I do?

Ans: In this situation, your position is probably secondary concern for the higher authorities as the misuse of funds is happening right under nose. Bring in the facts and figures after investigating so that your accusations are backed with evidences. The accounts of the whole event might reflect the discrepancies. Believing that being in a subordinate position will not lead to you being effective is somewhere causing a doubt for you thus not allowing you to take extreme steps. Keep aside this doubt and approach the higher authorities so as to work for your organisation.

Work and the woes

Lately, I have been feeling too lethargic at work and am unable to give my 100%. I love my job but for the past few weeks, I have been so irritable and cranky that people around me are finding it difficult to communicate with me. I am not sure about the trigger but I feel strong mood swings especially when my work suffers. My boss is also noticing this and hence I am all the more worried about what will happen if he picks up on my erratic behaviour. 

Ans: The symptoms you mentioned about being lethargic and erratic mood swings indicate some deficiency in the physical aspect such as vitamin or some hormonal imbalance. Do get these levels checked so as to rule out anything physiologically related. The daily schedule needs to be assessed as well in terms of ample amount of sleep, balanced and regular diet and exercise. If the medical reports reflect any issues and despite getting it corrected if the symptoms still persist do visit a psychologist to help you deal with things better.

Getting less than expectations

I switched my job recently thinking it would give me more experience and learning. But after joining and spending a week, I have realised that it isn’t what they said it would be. I had different expectations from them in terms of getting work, getting exposure and experience. None of them seems to happen here. I am doubting my decision to be here. I am also having sleepless nights because I can’t stop thinking and worrying about the future. 

Ans: There is immense impulsivity reflected in your expectations towards the new job. The new job will take its time to get adjusted you as you will to get adjusted to it. Give it enough time so that few months from now you don’t feel deprived of enough time to soak in the new office culture. If you feel that your capacities are underutilized use this free time to work on your skills and forming networks which might help you in future. understand the company better by talking to the current employees to gain better perspective about the work ethics. Being impatient and letting it affect your work as well as personal life is no solution to your worry. The work will happen eventually as you get more comfortable and the superiors also feel confident enough to hand over important tasks to you.

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