Agony Aunt helps you to deal with the problems at workplace

Tech troubles

I am a 48 year old female and I am struggling in my job. When I first started working in my twenties, all the operations had to be manually like filing, accounts etc. Now, with the rise in sophisticated technology, everything is becoming computerised. This is a problem for me as I am having trouble grasping this.  I fear that I will be replaced by someone more capable at managing change than me. Please help me.

Ans: From your shared information it looks like you are highly experienced, which is a big draw towards your efficiency. Definitely it is important for you to develop the new skills that are required for the job efficiency, but your insecurity could merely be in your perception and not a reality. Every job profile needs upgrades and only then you are climbing the ladder, so avoid shutting yourself from the new technologies, no matter how unfamiliar they appear to be you can at least try making some efforts toward learning the basic of these technologies. With practice you may get a hang of it and you may even find them more convenient than doing all things manual, after all they are adapted for some beneficial reasons. Meanwhile you need not worry and simply work yourself up, most companies prefer experienced people and the need the work done, the methods used to completing can be over looked if the work is done up to the mark.

Grappling Generation Gap

I am a 51 year old man working in an advertising company. In the last couple of years, a lot of young crowd has joined the work force and I feel like they have completely taken over. These people are in their twenties and they are so different from me and my generation. They are very opinionated, outspoken, tech savvy. They are quick in decision making (rather impulsive) and are not afraid to take risks and they even dress differently. While people from my generation prefer the formals, these people dress ‘semi formal’ or even ‘business casual’. Even their language seems different to me! I feel like I can’t match up to and keep up with this generation and fear being ridiculed by them at times. I strongly disagree with their behaviour at work and I am completely against this. What can I do?   

Ans: you are being too judgmental, and too quick to shun yourself from the changing world, change is inevitable and the sooner you accept the better you will be at holding relationship with them. It is not one person that you would ignore and be okay with others, it’s the whole generation change and the behaviour they adapt will be common amongst them, so if you will be dealing with every young person with similar critical views, working will be become very difficult for you. Give them a chance, if there are negatives there will be some positive too, every coin as two sides, so look for affirmatives and you might be more accepting of them. If you have differences, sort things with better communication and being open to new perspective to the methods of work as it may just help you to get the work done with more convenience. You can be firm and kind at work, where in they do not take you for granted and give work priority but at the same time you give them the freedom to work.

To tell or not

I am a 29 year old male and I like a woman in my office. We have been working closely together for the past 4 years and know each other very well. A lot of common friends insist that even she returns the feelings for me but I am unsure as she has never given me any sign. I am afraid that she will reject me if I approach her and if that hampers our professional relationship.  On the other hand, if I don’t approach her, she may start liking someone else, which I won’t be able to see and that will disturb me anyways. I can’t imagine her with someone else and talk all about it to me and other colleagues it will kill me, Please help me as I don’t know what to do.

Ans:  You really have true feeling for this girl and looks like you are in love with her, only the thought of her being with someone else is bothering you so much, means you really want to be with her and if that is true then you should not hesitate from asking her out. If there is so much love involved the chances that your relationship will not work are minimised, and fearing future does not make any sense. Your thought of future telling and making decision based on negative assumption is not going to help you; instead it will only keep you away from a possible good time in present. You are thinking too much, and keeping in mind that you are just trying to be cautious, however it is not worth to let go of you wonderful present days presumptuous that you may not be able to keep with it. You can give a try and share your feelings with her, and explain to her your fears and she might empathise and hopefully stay professional, that even if things don’t work, you can at least maintain a cordial relationship.

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