Bhopal: Blood donation is the easiest and simplest way of return something to the society, is what some of the voluntary blood donors of the city believe in. On the eve of World Blood Donor Day, – a day to honour all the people who selflessly give blood to save lives of others – a number of donors shared their experiences about blood donation and also cleared the misconceptions attached to it.

Free Press spoke to some city-based blood donors who have been engaged in this noble gesture for years. We are lucky that we are getting a chance to help needy people and give back something to society, they said. They also expressed their desire to motivate and encourage other people to contribute in the humanitarian act of saving others life.

Vikas Rao Waghmare, 28, Asst Revenue Inspector, municipal corporation, Itarsi 

I have been donating blood for eight years. I usually donate blood twice in a year. Eight years back, while vising hospital to see my ailing friend, I saw a person crying there. He told me that his wife was admitted in the hospital and urgently needs A +ve blood. Since I had same blood group I decided to donate blood without giving a second thought.

It was my first experience. After donating, I felt so happy that I was able to help save one life. I can’t express in words the satisfaction I felt. And from then onwards I have been donating blood to needy or person who is not financially strong. When my parents came to know about it they, especially my mother scolded me. So, to escape from the scolding, I don’t inform her about the blood donation. I am now posted in Itarsi , but I go donate blood at other places like Bhopal and Hoshangabad.

Ranjeet Kumar Dehriya, 26, student

My friend’s brother was admitted in National Hospital and required blood of AB-ve group urgently. I contacted many persons but in vain. Then a lady called me stating that she was ready to donate blood. She did not demand anything in return. Her attitude inspired me so much that I also started donating blood to needy people.

I have been donating blood for 8 to 10 years now. I have also started a blood donation group with friends and donate blood free of cost to needy people. I usually donate blood in the interval of four months. I feel very happy to help someone. The satisfaction which I get after donating blood, can’t be bought through money.

Veena Sharma, 60, teacher 

Yes, I have been donating blood since 2013. The reason behind this is to give back something to society. My husband was in army and I used to teach chemistry in army schools and colleges. I started donating blood after retirement. I donate blood twice a year at Red Cross Blood Bank. Initially, I used to think after blood donation the person feels weak, but I felt no weakness. In fact, I feel that it is easiest and simplest way of return something to society. Now, I will also encourage my family to donate blood.

Jayesh Patidar, 20, engineering student

There is misconception among people that we shouldn’t donate blood because it affected our health. So to break this misconception, I started donating blood. For last one year I have been donating blood in the gap of three months. I hail from Khargone district and I had organised a blood donation camp with friends there and donated blood for the first time. Now, I am studying here in Bhopal so whenever I go home in vacations, I tried to organise the camp. My family members also donate blood. I love to help needy people.

Who can donate blood?

  • Anyone between the age of 18 and 65.
  • Not before at least 90 days have elapsed since the  last donation
  • Whose haemoglobin levels is greater than 12.5
  • Three months after a person has recovered from malaria, six months after dengue and chikungunya and four months after recovery from Zika virus.
  • Whose pulse rate is between 60-100
  • Whose body temperature is normal. Oral temperature should not exceed 37.5 degrees Celsius.

Who cannot donate blood?

  • If your family member is suffering from hepatitis.
  • Women cannot donate blood 12 months after childbirth, six months after a miscarriage and during breastfeeding.
  • Persons who take insulin,  have had a heart condition or a heart attack in the past, have undergone open heart surgery or surgery for cancer treatment
  • If donor has consumed alcohol within the last 24 hours.
  • If donor has undergone any immunisation within the past one month.

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