Ujjain: The first day of a 10-day strike called by Bharatiya Kisan Union significantly affected residents of the city due to non-availability of milk, vegetables, fruits and flowers on Thursday. Milk supply was badly hit as milkmen stopped supply. Milk booths and dairies remained out of stock from morning till late evening.

The kisan union has called a 10 day strike against the policies of the government demanding loan waiver. They are protesting against not getting appropriate value of their produce and middlemen consuming a big chunk of their earnings. Showing their contempt towards the government, they spill gallons of milk and threw tonnes of vegetables and fruits on the road. District president of Bharatiya Kisan Union, Dilip Jaat said that all farmers associated with the union will not supply their produce until demands are met

He said “if a compromise is not reached between the association and government, the common people will have to endure inconvenience, especially children.” Speaking to Free Press, Sanchi Milk Federation’s CEO, NL Tyagi said the federation’s current stock would last for the next 2-3 days. However, Sanchi could only manage to procure only 50 per cent milk on Thursday.

From dairy and Sanchi parlour owners

“The daily procurement of milk in the city by private dairy owners is 1 lakh litres. Due to the strike only 75 per cent milk has arrived. We still have to wait until Thursday night to see how many farmers turn up with stock and the actual situation will be known by Friday as previous day stocks have been depleted. As people didn’t get their daily quota of milk delivered in many parts of the city, we had to deal with increased demand throughout the day. We appeal to farmers to end this strike because children and sick will be most affected. The solution can be arrived at through discussion.”

Mohan Vasvani, president, Milk Traders Association

“I have a business of 600 litres of milk daily. Due to inadequate supply, most of the consumers faced problems throughout the day. By evening the situation began to worsen as previous day’s stock got over by noon. The coming days will be tough as milk is the most basic commodity in our lives. We start our day with tea and coffee. If the strike continues, it will surely have an adverse effect on the routine life of people especially young kids. Also, some infants are totally dependent on cow milk. The strike will harm these kids the most.”

Sundarlal Phoolvani, owner, Sundar Dairy, Near Shahid Park

 What consumers say

“We are definitely facing problems due to the strike. I have gone to 4-5 shops, all in vain. Some stocks delivered in evening but shopkeepers are not sure. Let’s hope for best or the 10 days of strike will be very harsh on us.”

Umesh Jatwa, Businessman

 “We were not delivered milk by our daily vendor and the previous day’s stock is also over.  Milk is not available anywhere. Can’t imagine the effects of the strike if it continues for nine more days.”

Kantilal Godwal, Sarthak Nagar

 “On any other day, we end our day by selling 1000 litres milk by 8 pm. On Thursday, all our morning stock was over before 9 am. Hundreds of consumers returned empty handed. The evening stock gets delivered at 4 pm daily but we are still waiting for it to arrive. Adverse effects are evident in the market.”

Kamal Singh Pandya, Adarsh Sanchi Parlor, Tambaku Bazaar