Ujjain: The first ‘jatra’ at Chintaman Ganesh Temple was held on Wednesday, attended by a large number of devotees. Following the ‘panchamrit’ worship, Lord Chintaman was decorated beautifully.

Temple priest Shankar Guru informed that the doors of the temple were opened at 4 am and ‘panchamrit abhishek’ was done. The devotees got a glimpse of the Lord from the hall as entry to the sanctum sanctorum was restricted. Lord Ganesha was decorated beautifully with silver and ‘jari’ work. In the evening, classical singing by Dr Rohit Chavre and classical dance by Veena Shriwas were also held in the temple premises.

Priest Santosh Guru further informed that the ‘jatra’ was held in the month of ‘Chaitra’ as during this time, “the wheat crop is good and jatra is the celebration of a good wheat harvest”. A total of four ‘jatras’ will be held and in each ‘jatra’, farmers will offer a part of their harvest to Lord Chintaman.