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Updated on: Friday, May 31, 2019, 03:14 PM IST

Trump now hits Bill Clinton with rape accusati


Washington: In an indication of the things to come ahead of the general elections this year, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump today attacked former US President Bill Clinton with rape accusation.

Bill Clinton is the husband of Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner, who is likely to be pitted against Trump in the 2016 presidential elections.

Clinton is campaigning heavily for his wife. Trump’s accusation against Clinton came during the course of an interview in which he was asked about the allegations against the former president, about his relations with women, in the context of a New York Times article which reported on Trump’s relationship with women over the past several decades.


“How do you compare that against Clinton, OK, what Clinton has done?” Trump asked, referring to the allegations against the former president.

“What about what Clinton’s done? How big an issue should that be in the campaign? For example, I looked at The New York Times. Are they going to interview Juanita Broderick? Are they going to interview Paula Jones? Are they going to interview Kathleen Willey?” the Fox News interviewer Sean Hannity asked.

“In one case, it’s about exposure. In another case, it’s about groping and fondling and touching against a woman’s will,” Hannity commented.


“And rape,” Trump said. “And rape,” Hannity repeated. “And big settlements, massive settlements,” Trump added. “Eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars for Paula Jones,” Hannity added.

“And lots of other things. And impeachment for lying,” Trump said and rued that the media is not treating him fairly.

He described such media as pipe organs for Hillary.


“You look at some of the people, the dishonesty. I’ll tell you what. I’m in a pretty tough business, real estate. I meet some tough people. But I have never seen lies and deception like I see in not only with the people and not only with the politicians, but when you’re in politics, it is a deceiving — it’s really a pretty rough profession. And I will say this, the political press — worse than anything else is the political press…dishonest,” Trump alleged.

Trump said the allegations against him in The New York Times is nothing as compared to those against the Clintons.

“And, you know, usually – and the girl from Utah who’s just – she’s – they made – they said I kissed her on the lips, I guess in front of her parents with thousands of people. And now she’s come out and said this is crazy,” he said.

“By the way, you know, it’s not like the worst thing because, OK, you look at what Clinton’s has gone through with all of the problems and all of the things that he’s done.” Trump said he was furious to read the story in The NYT.

“I was so furious at that story because there’s nobody that respects women more than I do. I treat women with respect. We all have fun. We all have good times,” he said. Trump said he is in talks with The NYT about the story.

“We are already talking to The New York Times. The New York Times is very upset because it turned out to be a total con job. The piece was a con job,” he said

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Published on: Thursday, May 19, 2016, 10:22 PM IST