Travel in stylish accessories

FARHANA MADAR says chic travelling means travelling with accessories that make a style statement.

To travel in style is a term that has a metaphor attached to it. Instantly we think of traveling by first class, sipping on crisp champagne, checking in at heritage hotels, high-tea and sumptuous gourmet meals. In spite of all that, the undermined message of this expression connotes that regardless of a jam-packed schedule and the sum of travel rigmaroles, a traveler’s fashion-sense should not have to suffer.

While it is inevitable, that with plane hopping and heaps of trotting you may find yourself lacking fashion inspiration, and instead opt for some simplicity – But swooping right in are trendy travel bags and accessories to bring about some oomph to your attire!

Laptop Bags and Fringe Bags:

With the availability of free wifi almost everywhere and a laptop in hand, sharing photos next to the Big Ben, posting travel whereabouts as worthy Facebook status’, or simply attending to bulk emails –  is just a five-finger exercise these days. Having said that, in order to carry around a portable device with ease, more and more people are opting for laptop bags.

Mumbai based Fashion Designer who is passionate about designing bags, runs her very own brand label taken after her full name, Sidra A. Achwa. Being an animal lover allows her to remain cautious while choosing bag fabrics. With current research being conducted on all organic pineapple leather; currently all her bags are detailed using buff suede.

Laptop bags – The laptop bags come in two types – Either, spacious with compartments, perfect for  office-goers venturing on a business trip, or sleek and stylish, that can be carried around by just about anyone for the sole purpose of supporting a laptop.

The fringe bags work exceptionally well as the perfect style statement. These bohemian beauties are spacious, comprise of various compartments and travel pouches and best of all can be carried anywhere – from a night-out at a foreign bar to the shoulder bag of one’s choice while exploring a new city in broad daylight.

Achwa states, “We make our bags mostly in neutral colors (tan, navy, black). Most of the bags are weather friendly. The idea is to create a beautiful bag that can be carried out well by all age groups and to make it look trendy and still be sturdy. We keep in mind space, sections, comfort and looks of course while designing our bags.”

Passport Covers:

Travel in stylish accessories

A bon voyage is only truly complete with that extra ounce of travel security. The Messy Corner founded by Aayush Poddar and Aanchal Poddar, is an online store that specialize in customized passport covers to safeguard your travel documents and in return effectuate a worry-free state of mind. Have this colourful and eye-catching accessory clutched in hand and look even more flamboyant wherever the wind takes you!

Aayush Poddar shares, “Our passport covers are assembled using synthetic leather but by the feel and look of it, there’s no telling the difference from real leather. The covers are customized with ones name, twelve colours to choose from and twelve charm options. All covers are summed at a standard Rs. 750 and are gift wrapped and delivered within five working days. We render to global shipping, as per rates applicable.”

Poddar adds, “We also provide bag tags using the same concept and recently launched Mr. and Mrs. passport covers for couples as well.”

Duffel Bags:

Travel in stylish accessories

 The Burlap People are a brand, teamed hand in hand with 3rd and 4th generation craftsmen to design earthly, high quality, aesthetic looking and eco-friendly essentials – Duffel Bags being one of them. Each bag is handmade with a considerable amount of love and good juju that serves as a versatile yet trendy travel accessory.

Are you an over-packer that has distances to cover? Find yourself worried about straining your shoulder with a heavy load? Well, bid adieu to that very thought because the Duffel Bags at The Burlap People come with two cotton web tapes going vertically across the body (for design and support) and handles that are made of “salvaged” hunter leather.

So, whether you’re planning a splendid two month globe-trot or a fun and quick much needed vacation – Duffel Bags work as the perfect travel amigo that copious vacationers are gravitating towards! From traditional luggage options to more contemporary – Are we perhaps witnessing a shift in trend over the past two decades?

Samridhh Burman, Founder of The Burlap People opines, “People are traveling more and they’re more aware of the luggage choices they have. Good luggage makes for the best travel companion.”

Burman continues, “I think the big shift so far has been in design enhancement, but the next shift will be towards more awareness (environmentally speaking – in terms of materials used, the production process, environmental impact, etc) in travel goods. At least that’s what we hope for.”

Nappa Dori Bags and Trunks:

Travel in stylish accessories

There’s no better way to travel in style than with a Nappa Dori bag in the crook of your elbow, because to own this beauty is ultimately securing a piece of artistry.

The bags are delightfully themed on the basis of different cities in India, carefully hand-crafted providing detailed prints on each piece, such as landmarks, and lifestyles of everyday people that bring about a sense of nostalgia, patriotism and appreciation to own such a valuable.

On the other hand, Nappa Dori trunks work as beautiful object d’art in households, over and above that they can also be used for traveling purposes. Seen gripped in the hands of celebrities like Jacqueline Fernandez, these trunks are availed in different colours and whisper sophistication at its best.

“Nappa Dori offers a unique mix of design and craftsmanship as it celebrates an era when every journey was glamorous and travels ventured to unfamiliar frontiers to discover both themselves, as well as new places,” shares Gautam Sinha, Founder and Creative Director of Nappa Dori PVT. LTD.

Sinha further states, “Every handcrafted piece of Nappa Dori accessories or luggage is an expression of fine individuality. Embellishments adorn materials in subtle sophistication, carefully balanced to make a distinct statement that whispers elegance.”

Utility Pouches:

Travel in stylish accessories

Now here’s a travel essential that anyone can benefit from. Utility pouches act as the perfect all purpose travel handy. Heading off for a big fat destination wedding and find yourself in need of a place to stock your favourite ornaments? Or perhaps all you need is an organized space for your toiletries, bath and body chattels? Effortlessly, utility pouches allow you to store your belongings in a stress free and organized manner.

India Circus, an online shopping store provides travel pouches that come with a variety of quirky designs and symbols. Having an array to choose from there’s something to trumpet everyone’s individual personality.

Krsnaa Mehta, Design Director and Founder of India Circus shares, “The utility pouches are built keeping in consideration the utilitarian value along with our signature design aesthetics.“

Mehta adds, “These pouches come in 3 different sizes, all fitting in your variated daily staples just right. If our travel kit can ease up your travel accessory problems, our utility pouches will be that perfect cosmetic fit or a mini bank or even your own personal stationary store.”

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