Image Source: FPJ Archives
Image Source: FPJ Archives

Can you imagine what would have been the scenario if Rajiv Gandhi had been assassinated in today’s times? Screaming anchors, ‘live’ death updates, exclusive breaking news!

Things were quite different back in 1991. Much before the days of cable television, 24-hour ‘news’ channels and fake WhatsApp shares, news was just about ‘North East West South’. And that is why Rajiv Gandhi’s death was covered in a very dignified manner, which would be impossible in modern times.

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Those who grew in up in the 90s would faintly remember a young and sober Prannoy Roy reading out the news of Rajiv Gandhi assassination in the ‘The World This Week’. There were no histrionics, no over the top shouting, no high-decibel debates. Just news presented as it was supposed to be.

Irrespective of whether we think he was corrupt or not, as we remember the late PM Rajiv Gandhi on his 28th death anniversary, it is a poignant time to reflect where we as journalists and the noble profession as a whole is heading.
This clip can serve as a timely reminder