New Delhi: India’s concerns of both national and environmental targets were achieved in the Paris Agreement on climate change and a statement regarding this will be made in the Parliament this week, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said today.

The Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change said through this agreement the world has prepared a robust plan to combat the challenge of climate change and added that unlike Kyoto Protocol, the Paris Agreement witnessed participation of almost all countries.

“We have had a very good agreement in Paris. As Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) has rightly said climate justice and environment has won.

Future generations have got a promise that they will get a much better earth. This time the whole world is united and a robust action plan has started. Many countries were out of earlier Kyoto regime.

This time all countries are there,” Javadekar said.

He said that he will brief Parliament about the developments in Paris and how it will benefit India.

“I am going straight away to Parliament. I will make a statement tomorrow or day after tomorrow depending upon when the Speaker (Lok Sabha) and Chairman (Rajya Sabha) allow me to do so.

“This is one issue on which the whole nation is united. This isn’t a bi-partisan issue, but it’s of whole India.

India’s concerns are met and we are really happy that we could also achieve our national target, but more importantly our environmental target.

That’s the promise for the future generations of a good Earth,” Javadekar said.