Indore: Accepting every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow, 35-year-old musician Kamlesh Kanodiya is an inspiring soul, whose story inspires people to work hard with positivity. Sharing his story, Kanodiya said, “I was born in Indore with prospects of normal life, but those possibilities changed faster than anyone anticipated.” His life took a different turn when he was diagnosed with cataract at the age of two.

“Though cataracts are most common due to aging, mine was among the rare ones as it was present from birth,” Kanodiya shared. He was operated to rectify vision. “I could see partially, but I was different than other kids in my family and had trouble in basic tasks,” Kanodiya said. As he grew up and joined school, he was officially asked to join special school for visually impaired children by the principal of Happy School, Jawahar Marg. “I joined special school and learned Braille lipi instead of reading normal language,” Kanodiya said.

He was an average student, who struggled to find his identity. “I decided to study arts after completing my schooling, because I could not see a future anywhere else,” Kanodiya said. During his bachelor’s, he wondered about notes and instruments used to make music. “Human body is an inspiration for most inventions, including robots and internet, so I wondered how human body can be tuned to play music,” Kanodiya said.

He experimented and learned ‘beatboxing’ with help of teachers. “I had won several singing competition during my schooling, so I decided to study singing and earn a diploma in the same,” Kanodiya said. After completing six-year diploma course, he started hunting for a job. “I could get a few students, but it was tough to make a living on the salary,” Kanodiya said. He decided to study further.

“I did bachelor’s in education to become a special educator,” Kanodiya said. Understanding helplessness of students with visual impairment, he started home tutorials for students. “My hard work paid off when I got a chance to teach music in army cantonment, Mhow on contract for a year in 2014,” Kanodiya said. Though he still faces ups and downs at times, he feels grateful to have been blessed with a beautiful family. “Life gives us more than we need to survive and I am just grateful that I am living and earning well,” Kanodiya said.