Though present day garba is mostly about competition, dressing -up and dancing with celebrities, there is a place in city where garba is only about devotion, worship and prayers. One can experience this traditional style of garba at Lal Gali neak Kothari Market opposite Jail Road. Known for being the oldest garba in the city where people from all walks of life dance and pray for Goddess Shakti, its ambience takes visitors back to simpler times.

With minimal lighting and simple decorations, participants dance in a circle on the road. Bulbs are used for decorations. All the participants and residents hold a mass prayer. Recalling the importance of feminine energy in human lives, participants play garba and often give a themed presentation at the end. Talking about it, resident Bhola Ustad said, “Purity of music is must for prayers and worship, therefore we use instruments instead of electricity- powered music.” Artists ensure that only traditional tunes are played. “Traditional tunes of worship can never be replaced and must be played during Navratri,” Ustad told Free Press.