Chennai : Veteran Tamil film actor Kamal Haasan, who in recent times has been making strong anti-establishment statements in Tamil Nadu, may face criminal action for a tweet he posted if prima facie case is made out against him. The Madras High Court on Wednesday directed the Chennai Police to register an FIR if it found his tweet on a herbal concoction widely used to cure / prevent dengue misleading.

Tamil Nadu has been witnessing rapid spread of dengue and deaths caused by it. While initially the Government was in a state of denial in recent days it has launched a drive to counter dengue and been advocating people to consume ‘Nilavembu Kudineer’, a herbal concoction prescribed in Siddha system of medicine to cure dengue.

However there have been claims that consuming the concoction could lead to impotency, which the Siddha practitioners have contested. Amidst this Kamal Haasan, whose daughter was many months ago down with dengue, had tweeted asking his fans not to distribute the concoction to the people until it’s efficacy in curing dengue was scientifically attested.

Objecting to this, a man Devarajan moved the court accusing the actor of spreading panic and making motivated statements as he was opposed to the State Government.

“It is not clear on what basis he has declared that the medicine has side effects. If the actor had consumed ‘Nilavembu Kudineer’ and suffered any such adverse side effects, he should have furnished proper details of such effects while making such statement,” the petitioner said. He accused the actor of attempting to disturb peace and sought criminal action against him.

‘Don’t test my patriotism’

Chennai: Kamal Haasan has said patriotism should not be tested at random places and suggested playing of national anthem on Doordarshan at midnight everyday.

His comments in a tweet came a day after the Supreme Court on October 23 said people do not need to stand up in cinema halls to prove their patriotism and asked the Centre to consider amending the rules for regulating playing of the national anthem in the theatres, reports PTI.

“Singapore plays its national anthem every midnight. Likewise, do so on DD (public broadcaster Doordarshan). Do not force or test my patriotism at various random places,” he has said in the tweet.

He also said “the reason Singapore crops up in arguments is because it is a benovelent dictatorship according to some critics. Do we we want that. No pls,” the actor added.

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