Bhopal: The radiologist at a hospital here entertains only 15 patients visiting him for X-rays and if another turns up he is sent back with the sound advice to come next day. And this happens at hospital of 7th battalion, situated not far from police headquarters.

Medical officer of the hospital Dr SK Nigam cited reason saying that because of staff crunch we are asking patients to come some. ‘We have only one radiologist who can perform only 10 to 15 X-rays in a day else it will be harmful for his health,” said Dr Nigam.

Since most of the facilities at the hospital are paralyzed, the policemen who are supposed to get all medical services here are forced to visit other hospitals for treatment. We do have an ophthalmologist here, however it is not possible to provide all medical facilities at the hospital, added Dr Nigam.

Besides lack of basic medical facilities, there are many ills ailing the hospital. The hospital authorities also have a very little concern for sanitation and hygiene. Stray animals roaming on the premises are a very common sigh. Even the drainage system is not proper and a single day rain leads to water logging in the campus.

We can’t close the gate of hospital to prevent stray animals from entering as it would create problem for patients and visitors coming on four wheelers. We are also concerned for sanitation but again staff crunch is preventing us from ensuring such facilities, said Dr Nigam when issue of the stray animal and drainage system was discussed with him. He however refuted the allegations of spread of water borne diseases at the hospital following excessive rain and water logging at the campus.

We initially tried to get best of better services and we even contacted specialist doctors from all the fields but most of them did not agree to visit here. We are running the hospital with the help of only those who are ready to serve here, he rued. What purpose does this hospital, which was inaugurated to ensure better medical facilities for the policemen of the battalion, serves if there are only two medical officers to look after the patients?