Bhopal: Brahman Samaj members across all the 51 districts in MP on Sunday got their heads tonsured as mark of protest against caste based reservations. Their plan is to send the tonsured hair will be sent to president, PM, CM, World Bank, UNO to register their grievance.

The organizations which supported the protest include Rashtriya Swarn Samaj Party, Akhil Bharatiya Brahman Samaj and its international outfit and other likeminded outfits, SAPAKS, Jai Manawata Party, Karni Sena and others. In Bhopal, the protesters assembled at the Sheetaldas Ki Bagia (Upper Lake) and got their heads tonsured as mark of protest.

Brahman Samaj president Dharmendra Sharma alias Kakkaji said, “It is better to introduce income based reservation instead of caste based reservation. He said that the caste based reservations is not justified in: admission in schools and college, in government jobs and reservations in contesting polls. Brahman Samaj members did the same in others states like Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar, Haryana. In MP protestors carried out their protest in similar manner in all the 51 districts.”