Bhopal: While we come across various ways with which artist showcase their sentiments for people which matter to them. Artist Dr.Vijay Mohabe’s unusual way of paying tribute to Sridevi might surprise many. As a mark of his tribute to Sridevi, he is making a portrait of legendary actor on his nail.

He has made her portrait using nail red, black and lacto colour nail polish on thumb of his left hand.  Mahobe who is known for nail art told Free Press, “I started making the portrait of the actor when I heard her demise news. Till now, we have made chin, eyes, nose and hair using black and lacto (skin) colours. I am now working on lips. It will take one year to complete. It may complete here next death anniversary. Actually, nail polish takes long time to dry. My nails grow increasingly in two-three years.”

On being asked about the precaution, the 62-year-old artist said “Frankly speaking, I do not pay attention to my thumb’s nail because I know it very well that if I am bothered about it then it will definitely break. Since I am an ayurvedic doctor, astrologer and magician too, I do not get time during the day. So I work on the portrait at night from 11pm to 12am before going to sleep.”

“I am die-hard-fan of Sridevi. I have watched almost her all movies. I have seen movie ‘Chaalbaaz’ 13 times. Even I have taught her magical acting in the movie to my daughter for a magic show. I got chance to meet her when she had come Bhopal in an event after marriage with Boney Kapoor at Ravindra Bhawan. I showed my nail works and she was highly impressed,” the magician said.

He said he has one photographer with the actor also and he is making her portrait from this photo.  “Since childhood I love nail polish and I used to use to nail paint of my sisters. Then people used to call me girl but now they call me artists when I use my nail to make painting. I started nail painting since 1970 and till now I have five to six nails of mine in my collection,” the astrologer said.

He  have made painting of many national leaders and film actors across world including Lenin, Mahatma Gandhi, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Abdul Kalam, Manmohan Singh, Anna Hazare Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Amitabh Bachchan and many more and won appreciation.