Baby photo shoots is the new trend in town

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Right from black and white wailing baby frames to draping them in designer clothes, babies today would give the top models a run for their money. Baby photo shoots are now the in thing and the time is not too far when we would witness baby fashion weeks. Disha Prashant takes a look at this trend.

It is rightly said by someone what you take to your grave are fond memories of the journey of your life from the time you are born till your last breath. And these amorous memories are rightly captured by a magnetizing lens and gifted to you in the form of a photograph. Things most close to our hearts leave an everlasting imprint on our hearts. And one such thing which is the most closest to our hearts are our babies. A family can be defined as complete with the birth of the baby, and so to make this birth more momentous is when we get reminded of a professional photographer who would click the most uber cool candid moments of our baby.

We all are well acclimatized with the concept of a photo shoot thanks to the fashion gizmos and all the swanky fashion magazines. But what is currently running the trend are baby photo shoots. People today are hiring professional photo shoot experts to compose special photo albums of their kids. The seed of baby photo shoots was planted around the 90’s w


hen ace photographer Anne Geddes started photographing naked newborns in all new avatars, like resting on humongous flowers, and cute little bees or resting in some hollowed water melons. This was the beginning of an altogether new era of baby photo shoots which has been grabbing eyeballs.

When it comes to baby photo shoots, the groundwork for the shoot is one tedious task feels Amit Potale a professional photographer. Sharing his experience with baby shoots he said, “I have been witnessing lately the rising vogue for baby photo shoots.  As babies are unpredictable, the prime task of conducting this photo shoot is to understand the emotional status of the baby. We have to keep in mind whether the baby has completed his sleep, whether it has been properly fed and whether he or she is fresh enough to go ahead with the shoot. Once all this has been cleared is when we actually begin with the shoot. Another area of notice is to keep the child engaged throughout the shoot by providing him or her with different toys.”


Talking about baby involvement in shoots he said, “We have observed that a child is never consistent with a single toy. They demand change of things and that is exactly what we do while planning the shoots. After regular intervals we change the props so that the child is engaged and we manage to click some glorious moments for the family to cherish for lifetime.”

What comes as a package with conducting a baby photo shoot are varied costumes in which the babies can be clicked. Clients today take to the internet to come up with the best costumes for their kids. Right from honey bees, to pea pods to unique animals to cute little monsters, parents today leave no stone unturned to make their babies look adorable.


Sushila Bhalerao is one such lady who shall effectuate all your dreams of making the most exquisite baby photo shoot. Giving insights on her designing expertise she said, “I never thought of practically converting this into a business as initially I only stitched clothes for my grand children. However over a period of time my family members encouraged me into taking orders and start up a business of the same. I am thoroughly amazed with the versatile imagination of parents of newborns today. With the rising exposure to everyday changing fashion, parents today click in with the most exquisite ideas of clothes for their kids. Whether that be making them look like some
mythological character or some nice furry animal to most dainty looking veggies parents ensure that the style statement of the apple of their eyes stays classified.”

Sharing her business story she said, “Stitching has been my favourite hobby and have been in this business for the past eight years. It gives me immense happiness to stitch clothes for kids according to the requirements of the photographer. Many a times parents along with photographers sit down with me to discuss as to how to plan a photo shoot and accordingly keep clothes ready for the same. We ensure to keep two pairs of each costume just in case one gets dirty or is lost. What started off as a hobby has now converted into a complete business venture and I have around fifteen ladies who are currently working under me. These photos are life long memories and we ensure to make them more memorable by providing with the best quality costumes with the best designs.”

The rage of baby photo shoots has grown fourfold all thanks to social media and its adroitness at giving birth to novel concepts which would make its viewers go bonkers over it. Social media has definitely played a crucial role in establishing a strong foundation for this business. People across the globe today are exposed to the internet which

helps you explore bunch of ideas and this is exactly when baby photo shoots began. Right from clicking duck faces, to what will you be eating at lunch to getting hurt by a pin to standing at the tip of a ridge, social media ensures to provide you the much needed publicity said Yashashree Shiledar a PR professional and also a photo shoot planner.

Sharing her PR experience she said, “While working in the public relations industry, I stumbled upon the concept of baby photo shoots. I was totally magnetized by this idea of planning baby photo shoots for people who are interested in doing so. Initially I was a little skeptical as introducing this as a full-fledged business venture, however with thorough support of a few photographer friends I started this concept of planning the photo shoots. Parents today are way too tied up at holding meetings with professional photographers, and at this point we come to their rescue. We hold meetings with the clients and jot down their requirements and ideas about managing their baby’s photo shoot. Accordingly we provide them with a list of good costume designers, exquisite locations, ace photographers and help them narrow down the team.”

She further added that, “This concept was initially limited celebrities but has now joined the mainstream society. Clients today demand good social media exposure and that is exactly what we provide them with. Whether that be Instagram or twitter or Facebook or Pinterest we see to it that these photo shoots get the best possible views on the World Wide Web. We keep in line with the requirements of the clients and the service providers and act as a median. The task is a little tedious as finding a promising midway is difficult but we totally love this job.”

Indeed this concept of baby photo shoots has painted an altogether new canvas of euphoria and a bunch of adorable babies. Parents are of the opinion while they are busy in bringing up their child and hence fail to witness some precious moments of their little ones. And hence to cherish this box of memories photo shoots are now trending in. The concept of photo shoots are here to stay and will grow more extravagant in the near future. Time for the babies to roll.

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