An unparalleled actor of the Indian television, Aishwarya Sakhuja of Sab TV’s popular Trideviyaan talks with Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about her show, comedy and more…

The portrayal of characters in the show encourages women’s to tap their alternative skills to put into good use.

We are super agents. We have physical strengths that are being used and are being tapped to fight the goons which are an issue with the national security. Of course, we are going in the comic genre because Sab TV is a channel that caters to the audience that likes watching comedy. But having said that, it may have happened by chance or may have been the very intention of the writer from the very start is that every person has the capability and why restrict yourself only in the kitchen, of course it’s, important to take care of your family but it’s important to also tap on to your other talents and make full use of that. That’s what we are trying to portray.

The relationship between Dhanashree (character name) on-screen and Aishwarya Sakhuja off-screen.

I am not a homemaker and I am actually far from it. I don’t know how to cook or nurture the family as most of the women do. I am still in the process of learning that. I nowhere relate to the character of Dhanashree Chauhan where she is dabbling between the two- being a super agent and being a homemaker. I am a very regular person who goes to work every day and comes back home to a fully cooked meal. I am only living a very luxurious life. The character of Dhanashree Chauhan as a homemaker and as a person that she is, I find that very relatable. She is somebody who likes to smile at every opportunity that she gets. I am not really going to say kudos for myself for that, but it’s something that I have learnt over the years. Staying in the industry everyday day in and day out when one plays a character then they become like that person. Spending 13 hours in that get up; it becomes very natural to become that person. I was playing Toasty in Saas Bina Sasural. Dhanashree and Toasty are quite similar. They are very positive and they like to keep the family together. Somewhere I’ve become emotional but in terms of physicality, I may not have that capability of treating them to really nice cuisines which Dhanashree Chauhan does. She is a perfect homemaker, but attitude wise and personality wise somewhere I feel that I and Dhanashree are very close to each other.

Your opinion about the ever changing significance of comedy.

Every comedy show is catering to a certain kind of audience. The hit and trial method will always continue. Of course, it’s an art, but let’s face it, that it’s a huge business and people are earning their bread and butter out of it. I don’t think the comedy level has gone down. I think Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is a phenomenal success and there is a reason behind that success. Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai is a funny show and there is a reason why it’s working. People from small towns can relate to it. A lot of research does go behind scripting all these and it would be unfair to all those writers and producers to generalize it. I think the intent is there to make people laugh and there is nothing wrong with it. Success and failure go hand in hand.

What makes you to prefer comedy more over serious dramas?

There is a very personal reason and the reason is that the character that I play affects me personally because I am in it for 12-13 hours every day, so I take all that back home. I did Slice of Life and Saas Bina… and I did really serious characters in Mein Naa Bhoolungi. I think it was time to do comedy. As an actor if you don’t continue experimenting, you just kind of become stagnant. Nobody wants to become a stagnant actor and nobody wants to become stereotyped. I don’t think anybody can put me in one category and label me that I perform the same kind of roles. I think somewhere it works for me.

“Success and failure go hand in hand”, says Aishwarya Sakhuja

If Dhanashree (character) existed in reality, how would she tackle black money occupants?

Oh! She would beat the living hell out of them. She would break those lockers and get that black money out and give it to the government. She would go ahead and break all those mirrors and all those lockers which have gold bars and would have brought them all to the government. It’s just wrong hoarding up a national currency and making the majority of the population suffer. It’s wrong.

Do you think the characters depicted in Trideviyaan encourage women to have a progressive outlook of themselves irrespective of education or no education?

If that happens then well and good, but we are not saying that this is the only way to go. If women are happy being a homemaker and bringing up their kids, which is such a huge responsibility, as they are bringing up citizens of the country in the right manner. It’s absolutely fine. Education or no education, one has the aptitude for something constructive and that aptitude lies within one. The tapping of that aptitude at the basic level is a must. Whether it begins from one’s primary school or home it completely depends on the background that one is coming from. I have so many people around me who are underprivileged but they are making sure that their kids don’t remain like that. Even if the kids are not being sent to school they are imparting home education to them. We are trying to impart a message in a fun way because then it is effective, and that’s what we are trying to do. That whole progressive outlook of women has to come.

(Trideviyaan airs on Sab TV from Monday to Saturday at 9.30 pm)