“No married couples are a perfect couple”, says Satish Sharma

Aimed at bringing happiness in marital lives of the people, Satish Sharma of Zee TV’s new show Ajee Sunte Ho talks with Dhrithi Sudhakar Gulvadi about the show, life’s imperfections and more…

What inspired you to do this show?

(Laughs) I think the idea of the show is to bring happiness to lives of married couples. We suggest solutions to the small problems that they have. The idea of bringing happiness into people’s lives actually excited me. I really loved it.

What is your definition of a happy marriage?

I have been saying it in the show as well and it’s also a part of my ideology that “no married couples are a perfect couple”. There is some amount of internal strife between every couple. Happy couples are the one who makes all these small fights as a part of their lives and come up with solutions which probably bring happiness to their lives.

What according to you can bring comfort in life’s imperfections?

Having shot episodes, we have realized that all sorts of couple come to our show. There is a couple who had never seen each other before the marriage. They had not seen each other’s pictures. They got to know each other only when they had put the garland to each other. Usually, couples have love for each other or have met during college days or have proposed each other and got married, but post that they take their marriage for granted and they stop doing beautiful things that they used to do for each other before marriage. They need to reinvent the love for each other every day or if not every day, then probably after a point of time. They need to keep refreshing and effectively keep addressing their presence.

The show’s capacity to handle serious marital issues.

Initially, we are not touching too many very serious issues.   We are trying to keep the show entertaining and fun. There was a case where a lady had a fight with her mother in law, so we had brought the mother in law on the set and they did discuss about the issue amicably but nothing more than that. We are dealing with very small issues at the moment. We may probably at a later stage have major issues as well, when we have completed enough number of episodes, but majorly we want to have fun and not touch too many very serious issues at the moment.

About the games in the show that are the highlight of the show.

Games like to test compatibility. Couple with problems like one of them becomes a phone addict or sometimes the wife doesn’t have time for the husband or sometimes the husband has no time for the wife. There are games related to telephones. There is a game called Aji Oji Emoji, and dumb charades wherein the wife explains the situations through telephonic language. There is a spendthrift husband and miser wife and we made them shop in our house which was called Tol Mol Ke Bol, where they both guessed the amount of the iPhone that we held in our hand and one of them came closer to the real amount and took the price. It’s pretty interesting.

 What according to you makes a marriage successful- love marriage or arranged marriage?

I think both the cases are equal. There was an interesting couple who had not seen each other until they had put garland to each other and when they saw each other for the first time after the garland ritual they both disliked each other but now, they are the loveliest couple I’ve met till date. There are no set rules in any marriage. People who loved each other and had a love marriage would have the same problems as any couple who have had arranged marriages. The chances are pretty much the same.

(Ajee Sunte Ho airs on Zee TV from Monday to Friday at 6.30 pm)

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